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  1. Osiris

    Destiny (Spoilers)

    The best thing since sliced bread. The beta just came out 3 days ago (for PS4 and PS3) and it is AMAZING. The beta will be available for all systems in a few days. I've only tried out the Hunter (Lv 4) and Warlock (Lv 8). I really want to try out the Titan which seems pretty popular in the...
  2. Osiris

    Entertainment What Can Super Smash Bros. 4 Take From Pokemon X & Y?

    2014 is just about here and the new Super Smash Bros. game is right around the corner. With the recent release of XY and the buzz of Nintendo's upcoming titles for this new year, many are wondering what we will see. We know the veteran character Pikachu has joined the battle but what will SSB4...