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  1. What musical instruments are you interested in playing?

    i been playing guitar and started a music channel which will just be acoustic stuff. if u wanna check it out.
  2. Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament IV - Cycle 4 Signups

    kd24 lt44a kd24 lt44b kd24 yes
  3. Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament IV - Cycle 3 Signups

    name: kd24 Lt43a kd24 Lt43b kd24 Lt43c kd24 yes
  4. The NFL Fantasy Football Thread, 2017-18 Season

    i dont think ill have time this year. if you cant find anyone else to fill ill play it out but there will be weeks i think i go missing lol so please try to sub me out. ill return to reclaim my title in the future
  5. Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament IV - Cycle 2 Signups

    name: kd24 Lt42a kd24 Lt42b kd24 Lt42c kd24 yes
  6. healthy lifestyle thread (OR: oglemi masturbation cave)

    i dont know when the last time ive posted was but i got rly fat n gross so i started just working out nonstop for 4 months. i used to work out a little a few years ago and even got kind of strong but it would go quickly in phases and i paid 0 mind to what i ate. but the experience made it so the...
  7. Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread

    well merry christmas smogon! i aint been around in a long time and this isnt rly a photo per se... but its me wit my parents present. there was no xmas thread but i had fun doing this so i wanted to share
  8. Serious US Election Thread (read post #2014)

    can someone explain the big deal about him not accepting election results? this seems to be the big turning point for undecided voters instead of the countless other terrible things this guy has said / done...but i still refuse to believe bush beat gore legitimately, i remember everyone saying...
  9. Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament III - Cycle 6 Signups

    kd24 lt6a kd24 / lt6b kd24 yep
  10. Official Smogon NFL Fantasy Football Thread (2016-17 Season) - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    <kd24> Draft Summary <kd24> Drafting ninth, kd24's easy breesy took advantage of their weaker opponents and drafted a team capable of making some noise come playoff time. They are expected to finish first in Smogon Fantasy with a record of 12-2-0 (1,756 points). They clearly came into the draft...
  11. Official Smogon NFL Fantasy Football Thread (2016-17 Season) - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    despite getting the worst place to pick in the draft, my team turned out fine and im going to easily defend my championship. gg boys