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  1. ILoveMilk

    SM NU YEET (Peak #3) [SPONSORED BY UBER]: Use Uber code billw1319ue for 15$ off your first ride

    Hello Pals! It's your girl Milky Wilky here with a cool team. Some stuff about me first, I'm a gamer uwu, who likes to play Pokemon. I consider myself a pretty good player :D and wanted to share one of these epic teams with you guys. I peaked #3 with it on ladder and it's seen quite alot of...
  2. ILoveMilk


    [OVERVIEW] * Blissey's giant HP and Special Defense along with it's ability, Natural Cure, allows it to serve as a effective special wall on stall teams. * Blissey is able to counter strong special attackers such as Dialga, Shaymin, and Calm Mind Arceus formes. It can also check other special...