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  1. Alexander.

    Gen 6 The Next Best Thing

    Approved by Sweep Hey to everyone, I'm Alexander and I'll be your new host for The Next Best Thing thread. The goal of this thread is to find some creative and viable set of the Ubers mons, so any week I'll nominate a mon and you guys will have to post an underrated set of the pokèmon I...
  2. Alexander.

    Other OU Teambuilding V2

    APPROVED BY ALEXWOLF This kind of thread has been already hosted by TRC, but since he decided to give up, I feel like that I could bring it back so here we go! At this point everyone should know the rules of it, but I'll make sure that I'll repeat them. Here you have to post a "standard"...
  3. Alexander.

    Smogon Frontier

    What about an article of the Smogon Frontier now that it's going to end? If no one isn't working on it I can start to write it. Let me know.
  4. Alexander.

    Other OU's World Cup of Pokèmon Coverage

    Approved by alexwolf Ok so you guys probably know that here there were a thread where alexwolf posted SPL's XY OU games and then people could comment at them, the thread about SPL died so I talked with alexwolf to open a new thread where we could discuss about some XY OY games of the most...
  5. Alexander.

    Spex Gene wreks

    Spex Gene wreks an RMT by Alexander Introduction: Ok so I decided to post this because even if Genesect is gone, RMT needed a consistent RMT with it and I think this team is worthy. I have built it with Lord Elyis around January and we both got some good results with it (he used it...
  6. Alexander.

    The Next Best Thing v3

    The Next Best Thing... credit to fatty & Novaray for most of the op and the idea approved by Harsha OP wrote by JoeyBoy Artwork by Bummer. What is this?: I for one, along with many others I'm sure, feel as though there is some untapped power within the OU environment. There is substantial...
  7. Alexander.

    Victim of the Week v2, Kyurem

    The Victim of the Week Approved by Haunter and Harsha Credit to Neliel for the idea Hey everyone! I'm Alexander and I will be your new host for this thread. As you probably know Neliel already hosted a thread like this but for some reasons the thread died and since I liked a lot this...