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  1. Smogon Fantasy Basketball '13-'14

    If it's not to late I can join with DerrickRose to make it even.
  2. Smogon Fantasy Basketball '13-'14

    If this happens can we make it Sunday night?
  3. Smogon Fantasy Basketball '13-'14

    I'd still prefer h2h. After the first two months in roto half the teams have no shot at winning anymore. Maybe do an auction draft or different scoring rules if you want to change it up.
  4. Smogon Fantasy Basketball '13-'14

    I'm in for a non keeper league.
  5. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    Kobe with a possible achilles tear... The industry standard recovery time is a year so tonight may have been the last time we got to see a 25/5/5 Kobe. If it's true it's hard to see him coming back to anywhere near where he was this season.
  6. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    Camby, Chandler, Thomas, Martin, Wallace, and Stoudemaire are all out leaving Melo, Novak, and Copeland to man the center position. Veterans are great but signing 4 bigs approaching 40 to back up the already injury prone Chandler and Stoudemaire was not smart. I love Melo but his offense will...
  7. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    It's sucks but Bogut just isn't the same player after all his injuries. Some people just don't have the physical capabilities to play at a professional level. It's almost unfair that guys like Lebron and Westbrook can play 82 games season after season while guys like Greg Oden and Brandon Roy...
  8. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    David Lee and the Warriors got lit up again inside, this time against the seventh worst offense in the league. In just three quarters the Bulls starting front court had 37 points and 22 rebounds. The Warriors have the easiest schedule by far among the teams competing for a playoff spot but I...
  9. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    Anyone else think David Lee is getting a bit overrated this year? He's great on offense but his defense is atrocious. It's not his fault completely but it seems like every other game a big has a career night against the Warriors. Just within the last 7 games: Asik 15 rebounds Amir Johnson 23...
  10. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    The Lakers had to come back to Earth at some point. No team can sustain with a player shooting 27 shots a game. Their loss to Denver proves they are a first round out. see what I did there?
  11. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    reallly? after your essay on overreactions?
  12. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread! Reporter: Did you work on defense? D'Antoni: Hell yea we worked for a half hour on it. You know you're starting to piss me off! at about 0:47
  13. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    Looks like Miami's weakness has been exposed! All you have to do is not play your four best guys.
  14. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    JASON KIDD!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    lol gabe your excuse to not to watch the Lakers is that they might lose? Did you just skip 04-07?
  16. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    Lol there is no "emnity" between Knicks and Rockets fans. If anything Knicks fans are happy the Rockets got him. The Heat struggled a lot against size last year, losing to the Lakers, Clippers, Grizzlies, Jazz, and the Magic twice. It's not a coincidence that those 5 teams' frontcourts were...
  17. Smogon Fantasy Basketball '12-'13

    Josh Smith and Cousins would have been way too frustrating for me to own. Lucky I got 23/15 and 21/11 from Cousins just before I traded him.
  18. Smogon Fantasy Basketball '12-'13

    Haha wish you could have that trade back now?
  19. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    Knicks destroying on defense. 37 points for the Mavs after halftime. I'm really worried for when Amare gets back.
  20. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    You're right, with today's advancements in medicine players can almost always come back as good or even better. I think the problem is the psychological effects of the rehab. No one knows when Derrick Rose is going to return because he's still scared of cutting. Krstic was a rising star before...