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    sure thing!

    sure thing!
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    i can do sunday, i'm PST. any time in partic or do you want to just ping me at some point?

    i can do sunday, i'm PST. any time in partic or do you want to just ping me at some point?
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    Do you think about Eviolite murkrow? (REAL) dpl 9 meme thread

    Me and the Krust Krew gettin ready to make an absolute mockery of the so called "art" of teambuilding:
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    Tournament Doubles Premier League 9 - Player Signups [DRAFT ON FRIDAY MAR 3, 11:00PM GMT+1]

    Player name: MajorBowmanSlayer69 Tiers played: SS/SM/XY/BW Tiers NOT played: None but yall gotta pass some teams if you want me to play SV Time zone: PST -8 Significant time missed: nah im terminally online still if you bid more than min on me you fucked up if you don't pair me with jake you...
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    the one shot

    Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would you capture it Or just let it slip? ----------------------------- in this thread, you have one shot to post. no responding to people after you, no edits, no guidelines. the best post you can...
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    St. Patrick and the Casting Out of Snakes

    Just a quick point re: subs - If it's an auction, then there's no need to force more than 2 subs per team. Teams should allowed to buy more if they think they're necessary / if they have the funds like in SPL. Just set the max team size at say, 20 (which mirrors SPL's prior limit of 2x roster...
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    Images with threatening auras

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    SPL XII Manager Signups

    confirming as long as this doesnt conflict with my magnum p.i. reruns
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    On SPL Inclusion

    This is misleading at best. Managers change frequently, and retains have been slowly whittled away down to the point where you can realistically only keep a player 2 or 3 seasons in a row, and only 3 total in a roster of (what was) ~16. Unless you went out of your way to draft the same people...
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    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for December 2020

    It was recently banned from UU.
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    Social LGBTQIA+

    this post may age more poorly than it already has :psywoke:
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    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    ps & smogon don't update automatically, they require updates to be manually pushed. someone is probably working on it.
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    Proposal Restructuring playoff format for SSD and SPL. Getting rid of BD?

    How do either of these proposals deal with either ties in seeding or ties for the final spot in the playoffs if not by BD?
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    DOU WCoP suspended due to Corona

    Greetings friends! As you are all no doubt well aware, I have been "voluntarily" retired as a Smogon admin after an unfortunate mixup where I sent sensitive Smogon information to Rudy Giuliani instead of our lawyer, Dr. Felix Merriweather IV. The mixup was solved thankfully before our tier...
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    the revolution is upon us, comrade

    the revolution is upon us, comrade
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    underrated "so bad it's good" things

    Master of Disguise has literally a dumpster fire of a plot but some really stupid funny moments like Dana Carvey dressing up in a fucking turtle costume to get into a high class club.
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    Ursaring University

    OP hasnt tho