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  1. New UU List (September 2010)

    This would make me very disappointed if Heracross was found to be overwhelmingly OP and not pulled before the period ends. Not that anyone cares but I stopped playing Pokemon and UU because of this stubbornness of the system in removing Yanmega and Raikou (and because I started playing LoL...
  2. The UU Viablity Rankings topic.

    I'm sorry but as someone who does a number of multi-character games competitively, a tier list will always be formed. Honestly thats what this is. Maybe people conceptions of what a tier list is and what it means are wrong, but this is a tier list under the guise of another system. Tiers do not...
  3. NP: UU - Bye Bye Bye

    Oh look! I can put down the League of Legends for just a bit. I basically quit Pokemon for a while because UU wasn't much fun. I look forward to my triumphant return
  4. Froslass - Ice Queen

    The problem is from my perspective is that there simply isn't enough people with enough time to complete the entire suspect process. I'm quite sure there are qualified voters out there who feel she is broken. I haven't even had time to play pokemon since a little before Cressalia entered UU...
  5. np: UU - Can't Touch This

    Remeber Psych Up exists... let Cress get 6 CM's then send in Frosslass... GG.. P.S. Milotic has it too lololololol
  6. np: UU - Can't Touch This

    I am quite sure that Frosslass would have been BL if more people had voted. I would have voted her BL but had too much school stuff going on to bother Pokemon
  7. New and 'creative' moveset/EV spread thread - UU Edition

    Original "maker" was me... here is the anti lead thread, so post your success and any logs you have with it there. Let's make Sharpedo leads popular! I'm sure this works great, because, well Sharpedo is a good lead. I even used him and Bulky DD Lapras on the same team to great success in the...
  8. New and 'creative' moveset/EV spread thread - UU Edition

    I would say you have to have CC and Ice Punch just for the great coverage and because of Venusaur being everywhere. Mach Punch is invaluable priority... however... I would wait for Froslass status to solidify (prob BL status) before including bullet punch because honestly running it for just...
  9. Smogon Tournament #6 Registrations

    Substitute if possible please
  10. New and 'creative' moveset/EV spread thread - UU Edition

    It's not really outclassed by scyther because of it's stealth rock resist and Dragon typing for Outrage which has great neutral coverage in a tier where there is only a couple steels. I would say it could work as a revenge killer only. It would team up well with ambipom and uxie thanks to u...
  11. New and 'creative' moveset/EV spread thread - UU Edition

    Actually it would be nice to explain why you would use this over any of the other pixies, namely Uxie.
  12. np: UU - The Boys Are Back in Town

    Seriously I hate it when people use Salamence as a justification for tiering. If Scizor didn't have bullet punch do you really think people would be so okay with Salamence in OU once it got Outrage? Honestly how many of OU people use anything besides SR+ Scizor's bullet punch as answer to...
  13. np: UU - The Boys Are Back in Town

    Want to say this statment on Honchkrow is a great summory and if anyone else feels the need to theorymon any more on their decision instead of playing with it they should read this statement. I also want to say that raikou is really only good as death fodder to stall out rain as a raindance...
  14. Gauges

    Agreed... not a look that makes somebody look more attractive.
  15. np: UU - The Boys Are Back in Town

    I don't think that will happen this time. If Raikou, Gallade, Honchkrow go, or if Froslass doesn't go you might see a stronger case for it.
  16. np: UU - The Boys Are Back in Town

    120 BP stab with enough other stuff to exploit it. Try and switch something in without dying.Go look at the calcs in the nomination thread. Sucker Punch does a lot of damage even resisted. Some say "set up bait" but even then thats a guessing game...So Raikou comes in after Honch kills...
  17. What playstyles do you use?

    I use something that looks like heavy offense. I use some things like Trick Specs Alakazam, Trick Scarf Support Claydol, Encore Clefable and then various set up sweepers with immunities or 4x resists and good defenses. Any of DD Lapras, DD Altaria, Howl Arcanine, RP Aggron, NP Toxicroak, SD...
  18. New and 'creative' moveset/EV spread thread Mk. 5

    Camerupt works better at doing this since it has the ability to OHKO Bulky leads through resist berries thanks to STAB and better power. The real kickers is that with lava plumes burn rate you will beat Azelf leads and with Eruption you will more often than not OHKO Hippowdon and Bronzong before...
  19. Makin' it Rain: UU Rain discussion

    I think what someone needs to do is see if we can make a general purpose UU utility. I believe that is what the first spread attempts to do... However it's is written for OU and could probably be tweaked better for UU. I will see what I can come up. I'll also check Porygon2. It has less speed...
  20. Makin' it Rain: UU Rain discussion

    Just letting you know if you copy pasted you might be missing some EV's