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  1. How have your past girlfriend/boyfriend relationships been?

    Oh. About two years ago I shared a class with this girl Sam. Honestly I wasn't very attracted to her. We started talking, and very quickly it was as if we had known each other for years, we just clicked. I knew she had a boyfriend from the start, and at the time I had my eye on another girl, so...
  2. Tattoos

    I've always been interested in mass amounts of tattoos, especially on the arms. I pretty much adore the tattoos of the frontman to bring me the horizon (minus the whole chesty stomachy part (and I must say the band has turned to shit pretty much :/)) Yet being one amongst the common folk, I must...
  3. Vicious Cobra, a warstory about toxins

    I couldn't say how much this annoyed me to read. Your commentary was either complaint after complaint or you being arrogant about a play that any person could see coming a mile away. Pretty much just a less than fulfilling match riddled with hax played by two inexperienced players.
  4. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver - The Offical Competitive Discussion Thread

    But it doesn't stop sr from being set up, so what exactly is it's utility? Lots of pokemon can kill frail pokemon..
  5. The Uber Tier needs to become more than just a banlist.

    I tried reading your post but your constant ranting got me distracted from what I was actually reading. From what I understand you want to play with "Uber" pokemon without the centralization? Wouldn't the more logical solution be to test these pokemon in OU (which has been done, is being done...
  6. New and "creative" moveset/EV spread thread. Mk. 4

    just posting to note that you seem to forget that trick gives you the opposing leads item; they won't have their sash anymore.
  7. Full Circle [Warstory] Clutch and Explosive! (OU)

    It kind of bugged me how you gave up vaporeon (who was admittedly death fodder anyway) when you could have just switched to flygon pretty much for free considering that you used wish. Other than that (and not using sub >_>) this was a good enough read for me :]
  8. New and "creative" moveset/EV spread thread. Mk. 4

    What the hell are you talking about? Your first calculation proves that wrong, even with SR the OHKO isn't guarenteed
  9. New and "creative" moveset/EV spread thread. Mk. 4

    Hadn't you just agreed slaking wouldn't outspeed? I don't get it
  10. Stone Cold Showdown: OU Warstory

    You already knew your opponent's last pokemon was latias, why were you scared of something else? just nitpicking