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  1. Big Mafia Mafia 3 - Game Over, Big City + A Fairy + Ditto Win!

    One Mississippi, two Mississippi... Too many Mississippi vote: Mississippi
  2. Big Mafia Mafia 3 - Game Over, Big City + A Fairy + Ditto Win!

    From where I come, tower posting like that is a suspension-worth offense. This is not Discord, this is a forum. Also, where I come from, Millers don't know they're millers, so I guess it's much cleaner to claim yourself as goon instead of lying like that...
  3. Big Mafia Mafia 3 - Game Over, Big City + A Fairy + Ditto Win!

    Half of these miller claims must be scum, we should ignore them all Anti-tower edit: The point is claiming is unreliable af and scum will seize the chance to fake claim with no consequences due to bastardization
  4. Big Mafia Mafia 3 - Game Over, Big City + A Fairy + Ditto Win!

    Imagine claiming in a bastard game smh my head
  5. Big Mafia Mafia 3 Sign-Ups

    What's the best way to debut in Smogon mafia than a bastard game? I'll join
  6. Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers / Little Cup Information / Forum Rules

    I have a question (who comes from someone whose last serious LC match was back in BW): Surskit is high-ranked as Webs setter because it has decent speed at 65, even with poor 40/32/52 bulk Spinarak is mildly-ranked because while too slow to be useful (30), has "nice" 40/40/40 bulk What goes for...
  7. Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    Just tested here and... It's still a bug, however minior minor
  8. Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    Shouldn't Surge Surfer double Raichu's speed?
  9. ORAS - post-Greninja - Metagame Discussion

    Reading the last 3 pages, all I can see is the Scarecrow fallacy: No one is attacking what Baton Pass is or isn't doing to the metagame, only the scarecrow you created, with notable flaws (but not ones truly relevant to the discussion. Truth is: Neither Scolipede or Smeargle can both boost and...
  10. In

  11. np: XY OU Suspect Testing Round 6 - Wrecking Ball [Read Post 423 for Posting etiquette]

    Consider that everyone and their mother can outspeed M-Mawile and its uninvested 50 speed. Also, 50/125/95 is far from a respectable bulk (although fairly decent at 252/0/4), meaning that the strong hitters from OU can dish a hit powerful enough to KO. Top threats like Charizard (both megas)...
  12. Smogon Frontier VIII

    Piuchester 25 Male Belém, Brazil GMT-3 Sneasel
  13. Gen 6 np: XY Ubers Gengarite Suspect Test - In The Shadows [READ POST #71]

    This is coming from someone who never actively played ubers (like in, someone who got bored of fighting scrubs before hitting 1400 ELO, months before), but here it goes anyway: I can see from most posts here that Shadow Tag is the "uncompetitive" thing, and that Gothitelle (as odd as it seems)...
  14. The Battle Network [peak: 1602]

    Wait, this is the wrong game, isn't it? Nah, not going to have the trouble of changing it, it's time to make a themed team! ______________________________________________________________________________ ---> Metalman.exe (Scizor) (M) @ Scizorite Ability: Light Metal EVs: 252 HP / 24 Def /...
  15. OU Talonflame

    I've been using this set with relative success in wi-fi, not sure about how does it adapt in showdown metagame: Talonflame @ Liechi Berry / Sitrus Berry Adamant nature EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Spe (252 HP if lv.50 [185 HP], 248 if lv.100 [359 hp] -Flame Charge -Acrobatics -Swords Dance -Natural...