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  1. Infernape

    I ran Infernape a lot last gen, as in like every third team, (and more than that on teams that were actually remotely good) but I've barely been able to find places for it at all this gen. Like everyone has been saying forever, it's just not fast enough anymore. Pretty much every team can...
  2. Creative (and good) Movesets (READ THE OP FIRST)

    That Medicham kind of seems like a bad Breloom to me, honestly. It's the same sort of idea of coming in on something slower than you (while usually not being able to do that), forcing a switch to get up a sub, and then getting a free KO. The difference is that without spore it can't...
  3. The answer to the ultimate question: Blissey or Chansey?

    I pretty much have to agree with King Serperior. Even though special attacks other than flamethrower are apparently pretty rarely seen these days, just the threat of them makes Blissey worth a lot more in general. Flamethrower itself is also a huge load off my mind, since random junk like...
  4. Other users have left no messages for LS of ACO.

    Other users have left no messages for LS of ACO.