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  1. Majinspyda

    Pokémon Dracovish

    The issue at hand isnt Dracovish as a whole its Fishious Rend, which under the right situation is a kill button. Gastrodon utilizes its ability to absorb fishy rend and turns the tables on Choice locked variants. Counter inserted into the moveset is meant to literally counter any other physical...
  2. Majinspyda

    Pokémon Dracovish

    Here is a potential Gastrodon set to semi check Fishious Rend and most Choice Banded/Scarf'd Dracovish Gastrodon @ Leftovers Relaxed Nature Ability: Storm Drain EVs: 252 HP / 152 Def / 36 SpA / 68 SpD - Earth Power - Scald - Recover - Counter Since Dracovish tends to be banded or scarfed its...
  3. Majinspyda

    VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    Something to note is Pheromosa with life orb High Jump Kick Life Orb 252+ Atk Pheromosa High Jump Kick vs 188HP / 44 Def Muk-Alola: 196-231 (96 - 113.2%) -- 75% chance to OHKO
  4. Majinspyda

    Data Pokemon Sun/Moon Battle Mechanics Research

    Does anyone know if the Moves Magic Room/Embargo block the use of Z-moves due to blocking the use of items?