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  1. keanho2009

    Tournament Los Juegos del Azar III (Signups & Information)

    PS! Username: keanho2009 Timezone and the hours when you are available to play: GMT-4. 4 is prob good Discord Username: keanho2009
  2. keanho2009

    Tournaments RBY World Cup II - Signups [CUSTOM AVATAR PRIZE]

    Player name: keanho2009 Country / State of Residence: EUROPE Other Eligibilities: none Interested in Captaincy: No
  3. keanho2009

    Pending add an intro for all new players

    when new players just start on the game, i think its best to give them a complete intro guide as soon as they register an account
  4. keanho2009

    Bug Reports v4 -- POST BUGS HERE

    I believe that if you were to hit the opponent with the same move, it wouldn't take away the effect