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  1. FEsteves

    2022 Spring Scramble! Pearl Flight

    Hi my name is FEsteves PS Name: FEsteves Discord Name: FEsteves#9508 Wins: 6 MythicalVGC bdogplatinum VGCreviews icebergvgc Redfemis DarkJorch Losses: 4 InkVGC EternalSnowman tristar0722 KennyJ
  2. FEsteves

    Smogon VGCPL II - Player Signups (Custom Avatar Prize)

    Name: FEsteves Relevant Social Media: FEstevesVGC on twitter Formats Played: Ultra, any gen 8
  3. FEsteves

    SM OU Please help me with this team

    So, I have been playing Pokemon for 13 years, but only now have I got into competitive play. This is the first team I made, so I don’t expect it to be very good. I played a bit with it in Showdown, and got a few wins, but also a couple losses. So here’s the team: Charizard-Mega-Y (M) @...