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  1. LeBarBURR

    Validator Virtual Console legality: Gen 1 moves legal when source must be Gen 2

    Once had a similar situation too, unfortunately based on the theoretical procedure above, it will not work as intended since the egg moves that arent taught to the Pokemon in question will not be able to remember it at all, as if its another transfer move, especially with Extreme Speed dratini...
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    Metagame SV Ubers Stage 3 - Voting ID Thread

    "Hey honey, is there any new Ingredients to try yet" "No not yet" EDIT: Confirmed
  3. LeBarBURR

    Metagame SV Ubers Stage 2 - Voting ID Thread

    "Man what happened to the ladder" ~ a bystander, circa 2024 Confirming as UBMS Blitzerkrig EDIT: Confirmed
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    Project Personal Ubers Viability Rankings (Post-Home)

    Will provide some insights to the current meta, although its still at an infant state and no possible idea when DLC would be released that could shake up the meta again. Shiny (and Magearna) = Had tested Non Shiny (except Arceus forms) = To be tested Will mostly be diving into B to C-...
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    Official SV Ubers - Calyrex-Shadow Suspect Voting

    Caylrex-Shadow: Ban
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    Metagame SV Ubers Stage 1 - Voting ID Thread

    Confirming as UBGH GrootyGreez (it was a nightmare for once) The 5 Cajun Spices of HOME ladder: EDIT: Confirmed
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    Official SV Ubers Suspect Process - Round 1 Voting

    Moody: Do Not Ban
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    Metagame SV Ubers Stage 1: Voting ID thread

    Confirming as UBMY YawnDeprived Took longer to get matches than usual Didn't totally lost some while I wasn't looking at my phone E: Confirmed
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    Swords Dance Chien Pao [QC 0/2] [GP 0/1]

    [SET] name: Swords Dance move 1: Swords Dance move 2: Icicle Crash move 3: Crunch / Sacred Sword move 4: Ice Shard / Sucker Punch item: Heavy-Duty Boots / Life Orb / Focus Sash ability: Sword of Ruin nature: Jolly evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe tera type: Dark / Ice [SET COMMENTS] Swords...
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    Ubers Nasty Plot Gholdengo [QC 2/2] [GP 1/1]

    :sv/Gholdengo: [SET] name: Nasty Plot move 1: Nasty Plot move 2: Shadow Ball move 3: Make It Rain move 4: Recover item: Air Balloon ability: Good As Gold nature: Timid evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe tera type: Steel / Normal [SET COMMENTS] Nasty Plot + Recover Gholdengo is the best option for...
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    SV Ubers Reservation Index

    Will take up NP Gholdengo and SD Chien Pao OK -Lasen
  12. LeBarBURR

    Project The Top 10 Titans of the Gen 8 Ubers Metagame [See Post #183 for Final Ranking]

    3# seems slightly more convoluted Between Dusk-Mane, Calyrex-S, Yveltal... I would give it to Calyrex-S mainly due to the fact that it has warped the tier around it instantly the moment it was introduced and still is currently. Dusk-Mane sure definitely had a longer history, but it was...
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    Official SS Ubers - Calyrex-Shadow Voting

    Calyrex-Shadow: Ban
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    Project The Top 10 Titans of the Gen 8 Ubers Metagame [See Post #183 for Final Ranking]

    Nominating Dracovish :ss/Dracovish: What effects did Dracovish have on the metagame? Dracovish, having a good typing of Water-Dragon with decent bulk, power, and the best abuser of Fishious Rend with suitable abilities that bolster its effectiveness with Strong Jaw, has firmly left a gaping...
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    Metagame SS Ubers Stage 8 - Voting ID Thread

    Johned the ratio as UBCS WabbitSeason
  16. LeBarBURR

    Project The Top 10 Titans of the Gen 8 Ubers Metagame [See Post #183 for Final Ranking]

    (Was debating between Darm-G and Weavile) Nominating Weavile :bw/Weavile: What effect did Weavile have on the metagame? A month after Zacian-C's unanimous ban during Crown Tundra, Weavile has seen a brief tenure and experimented as an alternate offensive breaker to invalidate many pokemon...
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    Announcement Winter break

  18. LeBarBURR

    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: Brave New World

    SS Ubers Zamazenta-C is ready for GP check