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  1. alderrye

    BDSP Battle Tower Discussion & Records

    I was wrong; a Swords Dancin' penguin solved all my problems. My Water-type Master Class Doubles streak has officially ended at 130. Pelipper is Eisenherz's. Ludicolo is PerishVGC's, though I gave it a little extra Speed to also snag Scarf Staraptor; I don't know why I ever tried Kingdra (yes...
  2. alderrye

    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    Hello, I'd like the "guy" to be removed from my username as it longer applies; in fact it's dead, and I want to give folks the best possible chance at not gendering me. Thank you! did -lily
  3. alderrye

    BDSP Battle Tower Discussion & Records

    Alright, I need help. I'm continuing my Water-type crusade with a modified version of Eisenherz's rainwind team. It's a solid squall squad and thanks to DoubleCheck I've made it to 59 in Master Class Doubles. But I flat-out cannot beat Ellis and Irene, regardless of whether they bring Rhyperior...
  4. alderrye

    BDSP Battle Tower Discussion & Records

    Hey all, I recently played through Pearl with an all-Water team (Empoleon, Bibarel, Gastrodon, Floatzel, Manaphy, Palkia) and am keeping the theme in the Battle Tower. Unfortunately I'm an idiot and love Trick Room, so I bred and trained the attached team over the course of the last few weeks...
  5. alderrye

    Flash Fiction (caution: may reduce Accuracy)

    Hey, all. Longtime sometime lurker, no-time (until I click the thing) poster. I'm student teaching at an alternative school in Alaska, where one of my classes is a middle school language arts block period. During the first unit, we spent the first half an hour of each class working on a...