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  1. SM UU Froslass Hazard Stack Offense (Peak around 1450)

    I made some adjustements to it: Band -> Scarf Elf (Helped me win MANY games and also has a surprise factor: Beedrill, SCeptile, Aerodactyl, etc.) Shadow Ball -> Spikes Lass (Helps much much more overall than second Stab). Ice Beam also breaks Raikous sub if it trys to do that or does enough...
  2. SM UU Froslass Hazard Stack Offense (Peak around 1450)

    Thanks. I will try these changes and see how it works. Scizor sounds great. Krook: I had Krook in this slot with some standard and some more uncommon sets. Did not work out that great. But i will give it a shot with the changes you suggested.
  3. SM UU Froslass Hazard Stack Offense (Peak around 1450)

    (EDIT: How do i post smaller versions of the pictures?) Hi, I have tried to make a good UU team but i have my problems with this tier. Tried some teams of the forums but did not work. Decided to do a rather brainless HO with Hazards. Did work out decently. I got to 1450 with that but do not...
  4. SM OU Swift Swim Beartic [NEED HELP]

    Instead of Toed and Bear you could run Ferrothorn and Kingdra. But well then it is a standard rain team haha. At least switch the Toad for the Ferrothorn. Would be good for you to have rocks support for Zard-Y
  5. Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    Thanks, I wanted to post a replay but it was already fixed
  6. Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    Somethings wrong with weather. My ferro got affected by Sandstorm (so did the opponenents) and on the next game Hail was hitting ice Mons.
  7. SM OU “Double Defog? Y’all are Stupid.” Mega Metagross Suspect Test Qualifier

    Cool team! I watched all your replays and played myself quite a bit (1500s) Just my alterations of the team/sugesstions: - Tapu Koko runs through this team if played not careless (Duggy trap/Greninjas Battle Bond) -> Replaced Scissor with AV Magnezone. Really helped a ton. Also catches...
  8. New UU Team (Newbie to Showdown)

    Alrighty. I changed everything as you suggested. What do you think of Manectric? I do not think it is worth using it in this team. Do not know why. It did not do ANYTHING at all. Maybe i change it to life orb Jolteon? Or Mega-Houndoom? But if i do so (Mega-Houndoom), then my team lacks some...
  9. New UU Team (Newbie to Showdown)

    Ok thanks. I thought getting some HP back might be a good deal. I will try High Jump Kick (although it has a chance to miss and it is known to use this chance to miss and fck up my game hmmm...)
  10. New UU Team (Newbie to Showdown)

    Hey guys, This is my first team i created and i have been doing pretty good with it (rating is about 1200 i think right now since i started). Won most, lost some. What would you change or which thing(s) would improve my team? Gastrodon @ Leftovers Ability: Storm Drain EVs: 252 Def / 252 HP /...