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  1. Tatterhood

     np: SS UU Stage 5: Change is Gonna Come (Diggersby & Venusaur BANNED)

    Venusaur learns Earth Power, no need to resort to the physical move. 252+ SpA Life Orb Venusaur Earth Power vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Coalossal: 364-432 (85.8 - 101.8%) -- 12.5% chance to OHKO
  2. Tatterhood

    Bug Reports v4 -- POST BUGS HERE

    Setting the timer to automatically start in the new battle options leads to getting a message like this every time I watch a battle. BUG STATUS: FIXED by Annika
  3. Tatterhood

    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for July 2020

    The link in the OP explains it. Basically for this month only stuff with super-low OU usage got to drop multiple tiers at once to speed up the process of getting things to the right place.
  4. Tatterhood

    Programming Pokémon Showdown Damage Calculator

    I was trying to figure out if a (physical) Water move would 2HKO Palossand through Water Compaction and I think it would be really nice if there was an equivalent to the Draco Meteor "twice" button for this. Also relevant for Stamina and Weak Armor. Thanks for all the work on the calculator!
  5. Tatterhood

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    Rising Voltage specifically doubles in power when the target is on terrain i.e. grounded. So running it over Thunderbolt does mean that for instance Specs Koko wouldn't be able to OHKO specially defensive Corviknight. (Presumably still worth it, but there is at least a small drawback.)
  6. Tatterhood

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    But you can switch in your Ground immunity, so I don't think it will be nearly as annoying as Scald in practice.
  7. Tatterhood

    Resource SS UU C&C Discussion Thread

    Looking at Rhyperior's analysis, I might be wrong but is the slashed Stone Edge in move #3 meant to be Swords Dance?
  8. Tatterhood

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers UU Edition

    Why is Sludge Bomb preferred over Sludge Wave on Toxtricity? I'd have assumed that the greater power was more important than the poison chance on an offensively oriented mon.
  9. Tatterhood

    Small Site Page Changes - (Typos, Poor Wording, Inaccuracies, Etc.)

    The format page for XY OU doesn't mention Soul Dew being banned.