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  1. Pac-man9

    Other ORAS Metagame Discussion

    Only thing I was worried about when I made the Hydreigon and mega gross core, was the speed tier of Hydreigon. I originally wanted him to be able to handle garchomp and greninja, but I can see where you're going with the life orb set. I find the lack of power to be annoying at some times lol...
  2. Pac-man9

    Other ORAS Metagame Discussion

    So true. After my Hydreigon and Metagross core, I've been trying to make a core with mega gallade, Porygon2, and sylveon to cover all new threats. I still want to test it a little more, but so far it covers the metagame really well. Pokemon like Talonflame and mega salamence die to porygon 2...
  3. Pac-man9

    Other ORAS Metagame Discussion

    Mainly to destroy mega slowbro
  4. Pac-man9

    Other ORAS Metagame Discussion

    I've currently been testing a new core with Mega Metagross, Hydreigon, and Talonflame core with great results, and wanted to share it with you peoples + + = LOVE Metagross @Metagrossite 248 atk/160 hp/96 spe/4 spd Moveset Meteor Mash Zen Headbutt Agility Earthquake Hydreigon Choice...
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    Other ORAS Mega Speculation Thread (NO talk about potential bans NOR Aegislash)

    Well, I believe it's time to show off a new Metagross set, designed to make the meta (and m-mences) cry M-Metagross Set: Sweeper Set Nickname: Hyper Drive quad core Processor or Woke up in a new buggatti Jolly 80 hp/252 atk/176 spe Moves: Meteor Mash Zen Headbutt Power Up Punch Grass Knot...
  6. Pac-man9

    The Most Facepalm Worthy Thing You Have Done in All of Pokémon

    I was fighting a pidgeot with my infernape and looked away for a minute as the opponent used roost, I used close.combat and it was super effective. I was confused and thought my game was glitched because it shouldn't have been super effective on a flying/normal type, but soon realized it used...
  7. Pac-man9

    Your Favorite Theme Music (Any Pokemon game)

    Best Gym music: Sinnoh gym leader theme Simply beautiful. You feel like this is going to be an intense battle with the dramatic entrance that goes from piano to fortissimo. The whole theme is dramatic and spontaneous so it makes the battle feel energetic. Its also very lighthearted and fun at...
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    ORAS General Discussion - Mark 2 - Spoilers Inside

    Nah. I think they really want it that way. Pikachu is the mascot and evolving him in the anime would take the spotlight away from him. Even though I really wish he did evolve, that way I wouldn't cringe as much everytime I see pikachu destroying pokemon that should be smashing him
  9. Pac-man9

    Things are changing so fast...and I love it

    Things are changing so fast...and I love it
  10. Pac-man9

    What team to run in ORAS....

    What team to run in ORAS....
  11. Pac-man9

    Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    What i meant was that i hope these changes in looks that gamefreak is going out of their way to point out, have a deeper meaning to the story than just to build hype.
  12. Pac-man9

    Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    i highly doubt they would give this much focus on pure aesthetics
  13. Pac-man9

    Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    May is the rival if you pick the male avatar.
  14. Pac-man9

    Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    I HAVE FOUND MY NEW OBSESSION Never played Ruby or Sapphire, I skipped to emerald. But OMIGOSH, R&B remakes! Time to download pokemon sappire on MyBoy! All aboard!
  15. Pac-man9

    Escavalier for OU

    Escavalier for OU
  16. Pac-man9

    Pokémon Charizard

    The first set you proposed is actually the exact same i created a few pages back only with solarbeam over air slash. Fighting types are already nuked by fire blast. Also, i made rock slide an alternative over earthquake if you hate talonflame. And i agree, charY will always be better than the...
  17. Pac-man9

    You couldn't be more right. CharX is overhyped IMO.

    You couldn't be more right. CharX is overhyped IMO.
  18. Pac-man9

    RMT (pre pokebank): Uhh... Brain or Brawn?

    can't use two megas on one team.
  19. Pac-man9

    Pokémon Aegislash

    I run a bulkier mixed set that acts as a facade as a kings sheild set. Spooky plate or Air Balloon 252 hp/252 sp.atk/4 atk Shadow sneak Shadow ball King's sheild Sacred sword I shadow ball the poor chump who sets up on me expecting a king sheild or SD and finish with shadow sneak. Sacred sword...
  20. Pac-man9

    Pokémon Charizard

    Why flare blitz when he has a more powerful move in fire blast coming from 159 sp.atk? I say run dragon claw or Rock slide for a DD set with maximum evs in sp.atk. Put 52 in attack and the rest in speed and you have a beast. Just check my other post on this page with a moveset.