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  1. Thanks.

  2. Oh look, yet another sandstorm team.

    Sludge Bomb is a pretty horrible idea on Landorus. If you're keeping a special variant, use Hidden Power Ice.
  3. Durant

    Durant is actually pretty awesome after using Hone Claws, but the big fire weakness is a downfall, since with stuff like Hydreigon carrying Fire Blast and Shadow Tag Chandelure. Personally, I like him.
  4. Sigilyph

    The Cosmic Power variant can be really annoying by constantly spamming Roost. It's actually quite a good pokemon in it's own right.
  5. Cryogonal

    This guy might be good if he had way better defence, but he's pretty much one of the crappy 5th gen's.
  6. Rate My Team!

    It's a good idea to have Taunt on Sableye, it's highly effective, and I've never saw Substitute on Sableye before, it's nice and original. If you've got a Custap Berry on Forretress you might want to think about Explosion or something. Anyway, this is a nice team and I especially like the Sigilyph!!
  7. 5th gen sun ubers team

    Curse Ferrothorn is very uncommon, but it's a good idea. Good luck with your Uber team!
  8. Solar Flare - a 5th Gen Sun team

    Charizard is an excellent choice for sun teams as his new DW ability, Solar Power, is just brilliant by giving him a +1 in sp. attack. Sawsbuck is one of my favourite 5th gen's and an underrated sun sweeper. So, great team and good luck!
  9. Liamo's 5th Gen Team (DW OU)

    HP Fire is a good idea on Latios for Ferrothorn and Choice Scarf Genesect is popular right now. This is a great team, especially Ditto, who I always liked!
  10. Team Bromance! (UU Dream World)

    Aqua Tail over Ice Fang on Drapion is an idea if you want and possibly Mach Punch on Hitmontop. Anyway, this is a nice UU team, well done!!
  12. Hydreigon (Analysis)

    And the element of surprise, I guess.
  13. Scrafty (Analysis)

    Bulk Up is probably going to be used more. Dragon Dance is always good, but stuff like Tyranitar and Salamence are much better than Scrafty, since Skarmory walls him pretty easily.
  14. Volcarona

    The choice between Rock or Ground is up to you, if something that is Rock weak is a threat, then use it. Same for Ground, I use Ground, however.
  15. Volcarona (Analysis)

    Definitely Flame Dance over any other fire move. The sp. attack boost is just too great to not use, and since it's exclusive to Volcarona... Well, I just like exclusive moves.
  16. Terrakion

    I'm liking the idea of the scarfed version, it's got epic speed and power right of the back. Or maybe banded?
  17. Octillery

    It's a good idea, but I prefer Protect, Substitute, Surf and something.
  18. Cinccino

    This guy's my favourite Pokemon, Skill Link is just awesome!
  19. Hydreigon (Analysis)

    Just an idea, but how about banded Hydreigon with Outrage, U-Turn, Earthquake and Crunch or something like that.
  20. Rate my Gen 5 OU Team

    Meinshao would probably benifit more from Hi Jump Kick, although you decide. Great team, anyway!