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  1. How to Argue and Start Discussion

    Great read, logic is a very good thing There is one thing that I have never quite understood though. I understand why comments such as "you're an idiot" are ad hominem, but not quite why comments such as "you don't play/have no experience, thus your arguments are invalid" are necessarily...
  2. Karrablast

    Keep in mind No Guard makes the other mon always hit with their moves too, with things that are even more inaccurate like Will-o-Wisp/Hypnosis (which Shed Skin will actually deal with by itself)
  3. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Does the concept of a 101 hp substitute still matter? It's not like you see nearly as many Blisseys as you did in RSE
  4. Kecleon

    Well if you're going to switch switch to something not weak to Focus Punch... if your opponent had made the switch because he predicted the sucker punch, lol
  5. Kecleon

    Why would you ever Focus Punch against something that has been taunted... it's not like sucker punch hurts Aero that much, who by the way has a sash.
  6. Bronzong (Analysis)

    I vouch for offensive Trick Room, with Gyro Ball, Zen Headbutt and Earthquake. Zen Headbutt is a useful option against most Fightings (not Roopushin as mentioned above) and can act as a (sort of) reliable STAB move when Gyro Ball really isn't an option. Earthquake is good because fire types love...
  7. NijaSkills vs. Led Zeppelin. A mole, a rat, and a Bird's warstory.

    Some misplays, but defnitely better than most. However, I definitely felt like you had the advantage the whole time, with him letting Vaporeon and Skarmory die so easily. But otherwise solid. Comments are simple, but they aren't lacking.
  8. Swellow

    Seems to me that Cheer Up + Life Orb Return is about the same power as a Guts Facade? You do get slightly less residual damage if you are using Flame Orb > Toxic Orb but you do take damage if you U-turn right off the bat, just a possible option if you really want to use scrappy?
  9. Gen 5 RMT

    Testing with this over Landlos: Latios (M) @ Leftovers Trait: Levitate EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spd Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Recover - Calm Mind - Psycho Shock - Dragon Pulse Latias accomplishes many things Landlos did, provide resists such as those to ground, fighting, and...
  10. Gen 5 RMT

    It's been a while since I've made one of these, havn't been too active lately, most of my playing has been on the PO ladder. I made this team a while ago, and it has performed very consistently (although to be honest I'm not sure why). I guess it would classify under semistall, since that's how...
  11. Toxic Spikes

    Toxic Spikes is in most situations not very useful: in the relatively offensive metagame it would do better to have spikes and stealth rock for instant damage. However, bulky setup and stall are where toxic spikes really shines. For example if you NEED something to take damage from something...
  12. Probopass (LV 2 Sturdy Abuse)

    I tried this set out a while ago with tspikes and sand (and wish) support, and loved it. Except I used protect over taunt, since my prediction isnt as good and i consider getting taunted or burned or such not as bad as 1 big misprediction (ie they attack instead of taunting) and at least it adds...
  13. Most Overrated 4th Gen Pokemon in OU?

    Gonna repeat what a lot of other people are saying I'm gonna say Gengar and Flygon, because people actually thought those things were good When I was using SubSplit Gengar because people told me OMG it can beat Blissey!!! I tried it, but Blissey would always break my sub, and I'd have to...
  14. UU's Revenge (OU Warstory)

    Meh warstory, comments aren't great, and neither was the battle. Gliscor had taunt but didnt Taunt exeggutor? And Kabutops only x2 resists ice.
  15. Finish it off with a BOOM.(An OU Warstory)

    The comments were lacking, and the battle wasn't great. And Jirachi can' learn Stealth Rock, really?
  16. Heracross (OU Attacking lead)

    I was expecting some sort of guts set but anyways: I agree with darkamber, this set is leaving something to be desired. With no speed investment Heracross really isnt that fast. Nor is it really that bulky. 63.3% - 74.4% That is 248 adamant Metagross Meteor Mash vs your Heracross. Keep in...
  17. To scarf or not to scarf - An OU warstory

    I LOVE EXPERT BELT TYRANITAR lol but really, being up with 4 easy KOs is not worth a warstory
  18. Miltank (OU Tank)

    I definitely agree Thick Fat should be slashed: most ghosts don't like paralysis anyways and with Thick Fat you can switch into like Charmander said Heatran. Think of it like a Snorlax, only on the physical side and 50% recovery (and 1 weakness). I agree that Attract should not be slashed. But...
  19. Yet Another Team with a Heracross

    Edited the OP, Venusaur is now a Scarf variant, Weezing has Flamethrower, and Primeape has Punishment.
  20. Yet Another Team with a Heracross

    It's been a while since I've been particularly active on smogon, and with college my activity significantly dropped. However, I found that since college wasn't as huge a workload as I predicted, and with Heracross dropping to UU, I found the motivation to play again. So I wanted to base the...