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  1. Bull Of Heaven

    Little things you like about Pokémon

    My favourite thing with Tera is when people use it for the unique properties of the type, like Dark to block Prankster or Grass to block Spore and Rage Powder.
  2. Bull Of Heaven

    Unpopular Pokemon that you like

    Right, I listed in-game separately from Contrary because I was thinking of them as two separate things. I've had fun with Coil Serperior in-game.
  3. Bull Of Heaven

    Unpopular Pokemon that you like

    On that note, I've seen my all-time favourite starter too low on too many tier lists. Great design, fun in-game, good Contrary sets.
  4. Bull Of Heaven

    SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    From Bulbapedia: "Latios and Latias going to Alto Mare at the end of this episode references the fact that many individuals of their species come and go from the city. This was originally revealed in the prologue of Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias, which was cut from the dub."
  5. Bull Of Heaven

    Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 51 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    LF: Help trading a mon from one of my games to the other.
  6. Bull Of Heaven

    SPOILERS! Impressions on Scarlet/Violet

    I considered doing a long post, but I don't have it in me. So instead, after a couple of months to get used to the new Pokemon, here's a rough tier list: S: Favourites A: Also like them a lot, near-favourites B: They're good, I like them C: Mixed feelings, or (more likely) I don't think about...
  7. Bull Of Heaven

    Unpopular Opinions: Scarlet & Violet Edition

    Starfall Street is the best of the three storylines, or at least a strong contender. The gameplay is bad, except the sheer hype of the squad boss fights, but that's not what I'm here to defend. Most criticisms I've seen of the story boil it down to just "bullying bad," but there's a lot more to...
  8. Bull Of Heaven

    SPOILERS! Scarlet and Violet Gameplay/Story Leaks

    I just take it to mean that Mabosstiff was attacked by a Paradox Pokemon.
  9. Bull Of Heaven

    SPOILERS! Impressions on Scarlet/Violet

    Now that I've played through the games, I'm getting started on competitive teambuilding, while also looking back at what some streamers and YouTubers were doing in the early days. It's given me two separate things I want to talk about here: Tera Raid Battles, and some meta comments on the...
  10. Bull Of Heaven

    SPOILERS! Scarlet and Violet Gameplay/Story Leaks

    Just catching up on the lore now that I've finished my first playthrough. Seems I missed a lot. I'm on the fence about whether the time machine is real. I wouldn't put it past Game Freak to end up giving us a partial explanation that's just about as straightforward as possible. But, supposing...
  11. Bull Of Heaven

    Post Your Scarlet & Violet In-Game Teams!

    Final team in Violet. I went in with no plan and just used whatever I liked, clearly without much regard for team balance. Ranked by performance: 1) Dondozo's sheer bulk was incredible in the many matchups where I didn't have anything especially strong. 2) Skeledirge was my only good special...
  12. Bull Of Heaven

    SPOILERS! Impressions on Scarlet/Violet

    I missed a lot of caves at first because I started just beelining everywhere once Miraidon had enough skills. Maybe other players did the same. Anyway, I've played through Violet and started Scarlet, so time for some thoughts I guess. Performance I've only run into two significant issues so...
  13. Bull Of Heaven

    Little things you like about Pokémon

    I've been wanting to do a SwSh appreciation post but not making time for it. I'll just wing it right now. They're far from the best Pokemon games, but they held up reasonably well over these last three years. Game Freak rarely miss with Pokemon designs anymore. Some of Gen 8 is a little...
  14. Bull Of Heaven

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    Hi all. I'm not big on leaks, but there are a few specific things I'd like to know before playing. I hope it's alright if I ask here, and ask to be tagged or quoted in any answers, so that I don't have to go looking through the rest of the thread. I'm interested in knowing: 1) What the starters...
  15. Bull Of Heaven

    Underrated Pokemon

    I used to use SubSeed Jumpluff in ADV OU way back in the Netbattle days (i.e. when ADV was current gen), and I remember some players getting mad when they couldn't stop it.
  16. Bull Of Heaven

    Gassing Up Your LEAST Favorite Pokémon

    Okay but Thundurus-I is a fascinating Pokemon in competitive. Specifically VGC, which is the only format I've played much this gen. It has two completely different sets (Defiant physical attacker, Prankster support) that are both completely viable. Which means it can slot nicely into a lot of...
  17. Bull Of Heaven

    Gassing Up Your LEAST Favorite Pokémon

    Challenge Mode: Hype up Garbodor without mentioning its GMax form.
  18. Bull Of Heaven

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    I've been assembling a Living Pokedex this year, and there are just two Pokemon I still don't have: Volcanion and Zarude. I've gone to all three GameStops in my city and found no sign of the Volcanion distribution. A similar thing happened when they distributed it a few years ago. Dear The...