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  1. diinbong

    PU C&C Reservation List - Read OP Before Posting [Writing standards update @289]

    I'd like to reserve Shiinotic please
  2. diinbong

    PU PUPL II - Player Signups

    Username: diinbong Time zone: EST Tiers played: ORAS Availability: quite
  3. diinbong

    Things you have cooked up lately

    Today I made broiled grapefruit for breaky because I've been on a recent grapefruit obsession and I found this article online: I don't have my own picture but it looked like that one. I topped it with blueberries and honey and greek yogurt...
  4. diinbong

    Stuff that makes you feel good

    Driving late at night listening to your favourite song on the stereo
  5. diinbong

    Vileplume (Update) (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2)

    Isn't Leftovers still the preferred item over Black Sludge on Poison-types?
  6. diinbong

    Project Neverused: Revival

    Magic Coat is such a fun move to use right now. There's the obvious Spore from Amoonguss to reflect back. It's also useful on a leading Pokemon because 90% of the time your opponent's lead is going to try to set up entry hazards first turn. Some very viable Pokemon such as Probopass, Musharna...
  7. diinbong

    np: NU Stage 5 - Won't Get Fooled Again

    One Pokemon who I've found to be very effective when used against me is SubSeed Exeggutor. It seems like almost nothing that is slower than it can beat it. Walls have such a reliance on status moves so Substitute really screws them over. Sitrus + Harvest makes it incredibly bulky, too. It can...
  8. diinbong

    NU Index and Reservation Thread MK III

    Since Spinda isn't considered a joke Pokemon anymore I'd like to write its analysis.
  9. diinbong

    Research Group #1 - Zweilous, Torterra, Eelektross

    I've been using Adamant Choice Band Zweilous with Outrage / Crunch/ Superpower / Aqua Tail for a while and I've found it to be a very effective Pokemon. If your opponent doesn't have a Steel-type, they will have extreme problems trying to switch something in. I used it alongside Dragon Dance...
  10. diinbong

    Neverused Mini-Tournament 3 - Won by MMF

    lost! to DTC! good game!
  11. diinbong

    battle now? I'm mermaid on PS

    battle now? I'm mermaid on PS
  12. diinbong

    We're both on so let's do it tonight! sound good? just give me a little bit?

    We're both on so let's do it tonight! sound good? just give me a little bit?
  13. diinbong

    Neverused Mini-Tournament 3 - Won by MMF

  14. diinbong

    Accelgor (Analysis) (GP 0/2)

    In my opinion Encore is a lot better on Accelgor than Yawn. I personally think they should be swapped so that Encore is the first slash of the set and Yawn is in set comments. Also I doubt it needs to run 252 Speed so I would figure out how much it actually has to run to beat Electrode or some...
  15. diinbong

    Simipour (QC 2/3)

  16. diinbong

    Simipour (QC 2/3)

    Seriously? Read the first sentence of the DW section when I reference it. No need to spam C&C with posts like these. Tomorrow I'll finish by probably slashing Focus Blast with Grass Knot or at least giving it a better mention and same with Hydro Pump/Surf. Honestly I personally believe Surf...
  17. diinbong

    UU Index and Reservations Thread

    I finished Simipour and it's here although apparently there's still controversy over whether we want an analysis for it or not. I'd also like to reserve Bisharp.
  18. diinbong

    Thank you! I mostly stopped being active probably over a year ago but B&W spiked my interest...

    Thank you! I mostly stopped being active probably over a year ago but B&W spiked my interest... and I'm thinking of getting back into C&C. Nice to meetcha!
  19. diinbong

    Simipour (QC 2/3)

    Added mention of choice items.
  20. diinbong

    Simipour (QC 2/3)

    [Overview] <p>Simipour has thick competition between the countless Water-type Pokemon in its tier. Luckily, it does stand out in a few areas: there’s the obvious Nasty Plot (which it shares with no other Water-type barring Slowking), its good Speed stat that clocks it out faster than a lot of...