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  1. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Make Pointless Acronyms that have literally no purpose

    What do you mean? That's a pRoR2, not a MSSRRL
  2. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    RMT: Attack of the Plastic Figures - PEAKED 2084 ELO

    Is this National Dex? Mirror Kirby sadly got dexited from the Generation 8 (Nintendo Switch region) games The Forgotten Land and the Return to Dreamland remake. I think it's a good team, but it'll be hard to come by a replacement for Mirror Kirby's ability to use Mirror Coat effectively. What...
  3. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Make Pointless Acronyms that have literally no purpose

    I had a random thought of creating the ultimate firearm when I was younger, and what I came up with was pretty lame. Machine Shotgun Sniper Rifle Rocket Launcher
  4. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    MALEVOLENCE BREWING IN THE RMT FORUM - a user's descent to madness

    Gee golly thank Game Freak that Mega Latias and Mega Latios have visually distinct designs! I don't blame them but it's funny how trying to use images instead of words made it more confusing even for me.
  5. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Your browser might be clearing cookies when it's closed, which resets all settings you applied including avatars. This may also mean your teams do not save unless you saved them to the Pokemon Showdown database. If that is the case, then maybe your browser, extension, or another software is...
  6. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Help me build a comp team please!

    If you train your Pokemon to Level 9999, you will have a slight advantage in Custom Battles!
  7. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    AMA running gags

    Choose one: Red/Fire, Blue/Water, Green/Wood, White/Light, Black/Dark.
  8. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Type 3 Fun Thread

    Unironically though, the suggestions by the AI for this hypothetical Type-3 Fun fit so well. We aren't creative enough. Getting outjerked by the AI is Type-3 Fun.
  9. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Media Videogame Thread

    Wow, I was going to post in the Xenoblade thread, but now it's locked. I don't know why, but I really should do things before it's too late. Speaking of, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was the game I was most hyped up for in 2022. And I only played it this year. How time passes. I am a fan of...
  10. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Type 3 Fun Thread

    I figured out why Type-3 Fun is risk and suffering. The standard 2D graph is divided into four quadrants. This type of Fun goes in the 3rd quadrant, combining a lot of risk and a lot of loss. Based on this assessment, I can report that physically visiting the Cartesian plane would classify as...
  11. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Think of a guy

    Guy who speeds the game up by 1% every time they
  12. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Type 3 Fun Thread

    clicking Heat Wave with that username
  13. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Classic CopyPastas

    Revived at the request of BP
  14. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Think of a guy

    Guy who clicks Focus Blast and misses every single time
  15. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Your Biggest Failures in Videogames

    My biggest fail recently was I watched someone die to crystal water in Realm of the Mad God. It was very deadly, so what did I do? I decided to also go into the crystal water because I thought it wouldn't be that fast to kill me, right? It killed me way too fast. I only noticed after I died...
  16. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Project Metagame Workshop

    I would like to go deeper on this because it removes a fundamental comeback mechanic. Fainting sucks, you lose that Pokemon and a pillar of the team. However, the one upside is that you get a free switch into any Pokemon. This means that you don't have to worry about what your opponent does...
  17. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Competitive pokemon if it was WOKE:

    Enamorus is turning all of your physical attackers female
  18. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    If you were a eevee evolution what would you be

    Okay thanks, I can't wait to use that type in Pokemon Sun and Moon!
  19. Magic Mayhem Maiden

    Explain why you chose your profile picture

    This is the album art of AD:PIANO IX -Alt- , my second favorite album at the moment. It's actually a subtle GIF of the Crossfade video, which I thought would be cool for people to notice.