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  1. Murkrow, Meditite, and Swagger have been banned

    Sorry for the late post and all, but I hope that my opinion will not be null. 1) Is Murkrow broken? Yes, and its already been proven why so I won't go into that. 2) Is Meditite Broken? Yes, but I may have an odd view on this. I have made some observations and found that on average each...
  2. Suspect 3 Nomination Stage

    1) Meditite 2) Knock Off 3) Berry Juice As much as I hate murkrow these things need to die.
  3. My name is Dipper. I have shorts and determination.

    My name is Dipper. I have shorts and determination.
  4. XY LC Suspect 3 (req = 1950 COIL)

    Alright looks like I'm in. Ready to help and really looking forward to this :D
  5. Acid rain (green team)

    Huh dugtrio used to be green when shiny. Maybe it has been changed. But I would still consider it because always having your weather is great. And if you got Stealth rock on Dugtrio you could replace Ferrothorn's stealth rock for spikes or protect.
  6. Acid rain (green team)

    Nice team :) Just one suggestion here. I would recommend a Dugtrio on this team (shiny makes it green). It can trap other weather users and allow for you to not have to worry about weather wars. It provides stealth rocks and a form of priority. I would replace your Breloom with the following...
  7. Regenerating Turning Synergy

    While I was looking over the team I noticed something that could be fatal. You are currently relying on Latios to switch in and take resisted hits. This is bad. One wrong prodiction and you lose a heavy hitter. Now I went over a typing chart and saw that you have 2 dark weaknesses, 2 fire...
  8. Regenerating Turning Synergy

    Ice types could be a potential threat. Maybe change Ice beam on Slowbro to Thunder Wave/ Fire Blast. Also try to implement this quote, "Knowing the enemy is only half the battle. Only to anticipate his maneuvers and strike with your superior knowledge will you earn true victory" - Jac
  9. Regenerating Turning Synergy

    Infernape isn't exactly a counter for tyranitar. You would be much better suited with something else, possibly a protect variant of Ferrothorn as it could provide a better SR user than Blissey and give you a defensive wall/tank. If having Infernape is essential, normally, I would prefer Mach...
  10. Regenerating Turning Synergy

    I don't understand why you have Fake Out on a life orb Mienshou. Is this a typing error? Change the set to this: Mienshou Item: Choice Scarf Ability: Regenerator -Uturn -Hi Jump Kick -Hidden power ice -Stone Edge Evs: 252 attack/252 speed/4 sp.d Nature: Adamant And get a choice band on Scizor
  11. Programming Mass Damage Calculators

    Why are there no sets for drilbur?
  12. my UU team

    while Gengen is being a passive aggressive dick head he does make a point. Life orb hi Jump Kick hits like a cement truck and even though it does have a 10% miss chance it is still an essential if you are to run Meinshao. On milotic it seemed to be your defensive wall of choice and if it is I...
  13. second RMT, advice wanted.

    Ah, sorry about taking so long to reply back, but as you probably noticed yourself if you do use the Scepile set then swap it out for magmortar to balance the team a bit. Once Flash Fire Entei is released it will find a nice niche in your team providing switch in from Durant, Rotom, and...
  14. second RMT, advice wanted.

    Wow man, great team. I remember in fourth gen when I played RU a lot. I am super excited that more people appreciate the teir because it totally deserves the recognition. A problem that I see with your team is that if rotom goes down you are toast to Quagsire. I mulled all other potent threats...
  15. Bulky Offense... What Else did you Expect from Little Cup?

    Okay that was really scary. When I was reading over your team I realized that it was the exact same team as the one I ran 3 months ago on PS. It is really good like you said but there is one very small thing I would change. On Misdeavus try switching taunt for substitute. I am not sure how well...
  16. New CAP Pokemon

    hello everyone, I am new to this sight but not new to competitive battling. I have in mind a new Pokemon for the CAP project and I would be extremely thankful if as a group we could collaborate and make it come to life. I am still sorting out how this website works so do not judge me for making...