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  1.  SV UU Suspect Process Round 9 - Voter Identification Thread

    first time getting reqs wooo edit: larger screenshot for clarity 2nd edit: identifying as uu9fnaf but hey
  2. Metagame SV UU Metagame Discussion - The Indigo Disk

    :serperior: The most impactful drop imo. I’ve been testing it a little (albeit on a lower elo alt). I’ve been using it with cornerstone and latios to try and pressure steels and sweep with one of them. It doesn’t feel too broken atm, but glare spreading para consistently is a pain in the ass to...
  3. Resource SV UU DLC 2 Viability Rankings- Update at Post #165

    :row: As much as i love tinkaton i have to agree with the drop. Coba can do a lot of the same things while not giving drill the freest switch ever. tink can deal with latios at least edit: i also love how a fucking middle stage starter shares a rank with hydreigon
  4. Metagame SV UU Metagame Discussion - The Indigo Disk

    I wanted to go over some of zapdos’ checks and counters. Lizzie mentioned the 3 in their post but i’m going to try and go over them in a little more detail. There really isn’t much consistent counterplay and every team needs more than one check. Zapdos restricts team building way too much imo...
  5. UU UU Ladder Tour 2024 - Cycle 4

    mintwinter UULT3OR4 winter yes
  6.  SV UU Suspect Process Round 8 - Hey, Soul Sister

    while it does manage to deal with it most of the time, even skeledirge isn’t a solid counter to kommo-o 252 Atk Kommo-o Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Skeledirge: 194-230 (47 - 55.8%) -- 78.5% chance to 2HKO 252 SpA Choice Specs Kommo-o Clanging Scales vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Skeledirge: 195-229...
  7. Metagame SV UU Metagame Discussion - The Indigo Disk

    people are sharing their survey responses so i guess i’m gonna do that too enjoyment: 7 It feels a lot easier to build teams in uu than ou, which is what mainly contributed to me giving a 7. competitiveness: 6 There’s quite a lot of cheesy setup stuff and stuff that can just deal damage way...
  8. Metagame SV UU Metagame Discussion - The Indigo Disk

    Something that walls zapdos while actually damaging it (looking at you brambleghast) will probably always have a spot in this meta. I think it’s really cool. Just wondering, what do the evs do here?
  9. Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v4 [OLT HYPE]

    While I dislike zama, I agree that there are more problematic pokemon in the meta. Stuff like kyurem and especially waterpon are way harder to answer repeatedly, since any switch-ins that they might have either get set up on or worn down by coverage
  10. Metagame SV UU Metagame Discussion - The Indigo Disk

    Yeah air slash is really weak, weaker than non stab focus blast if im doing math correctly. It barely 2hkos hydrapple, which makes it really easy for it to recover with regen so i get why nobody uses it. I’ve always used bleakwind which already seems like a good middle ground. i’ll test air...
  11. Metagame SV UU Metagame Discussion - The Indigo Disk

    Anyone here tried using air slash torn? It’s basically sacrificing 25bp for 15acc and getting a flinch chance. Granted, the power loss is significant (around a life orb’s worth of damage) but landing way more reliably can help to whittle down things more consistently and maybe get flinch hax. I...
  12. Metagame SV UU Metagame Discussion - The Indigo Disk

    Wait you might be on to something… Was looking through the calcs for your set and discovered that meteor beam is really common in zu… +1 252+ SpA Ampharos Meteor Beam vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Zapdos: 430-508 (111.9 - 132.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO (i changed the evs to match yours) its not a pivot set...
  13. Metagame SV UU Metagame Discussion - The Indigo Disk

    not saying that kommo-o provides nothing to the tier (off the top of my head it deals with cornerstone lacking play rough) but i hate how cheesy it is with setup and would not mind seeing it banned
  14. Metagame SV UU Metagame Discussion - The Indigo Disk

    I’ve tried using thundurus before mainly to block volt switch and, as you have mentioned, to piss off zapdos. Have you tried using nasty plot? It’s quite frail and doesn’t get roost but it’s another thing it has that sets it apart from zap. You could maybe use the switches it forces to set up