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  1. tbh idk why I'm trying to re-learn ASB Am I just bored af

    tbh idk why I'm trying to re-learn ASB Am I just bored af
  2. o-o

  3. [AOT3 - R1] Group: FT [ Fort Colorcastle VS zarator]

    ahh, sorry. I was on LOA, but thank you for reffing while I was well, gone Geodude6.
  4. Data Temporary Leaves of Absence

    So um, I'll be gone for atleast 3 days. I am busy with random events that I am attending. Sorry, Fort Colorcastle and VirajVora, can't ref :o
  5. Fort vs Chinchou 1v1 flash

    ...Um, crap. Sorry, went asleep. o-o
  6. Flash: Mana v Toon

    Go, Swinub! Swinub @ Lucky Egg Substitute(25) ~ Double Team ~ Fissure IF P/E is used on A3 THEN replace Fissure with Curse
  7. Nice banana Asriel.

    Nice banana Asriel.
  8. Prize Claiming Thread MkII (MAQ March #10223)

    Me vs adi Manazran loses: 1 CC to him, 2 MC/1 AC/1 LEC to Hawlucha I use my LEC on AC, so now +2 AC
  9. Fort vs Chinchou 1v1 flash

    Haunter (M) Nature: Timid (+15% Spe, +21% Acc, -1 Atk) Type: : Ghost STAB; immune to the effects of full trapping moves and the Arena Trap, Magnet Pull, and Shadow Tag abilities. Ghost types can switch out while affected by a partial trapping move, but they will be damaged every action by their...
  10. [AOT3 - Round 1] Group BoB: Manazran vs Chinchou111

    First, oh, didn't realize you were on LoA. Second, yes, I know, very obvious Zoroark.
  11. [REFFING 101]2 people idrk well fite(Well, I do know VV.)(VV vs Nightbltz 4v4 Doubles)

    VirajVora go Frosty do your job and tell me my mistakes o-o
  12. Flash: Adi v Mana

    High Jump Kick ~ Brick Break ~ High Jump Kick IF Protect is used on A1 OR A3 THEN use Roost and push back actions on first instance, use Roost on second instance IF Double Team is active on A3 THEN use Roost on A3
  13. Flash: Adi v Mana

    Swords Dance ~ Brick Break ~ Swords Dance
  14. Flash: Adi v Mana

    Go, Hawlucha! Hawlucha @ Lucky Egg
  15. [AOT3 - R1] Group: FT [ Fort Colorcastle VS zarator]

    @ Dragon Scale 9 1 (-1 def) VS @ Focus Sash 92 81 (drowsy) (Arena: Normal) Hmm, first, Alcohol looks extremely exhausted, hanging on with 1 EN, although Fort might have an idea in his head. A1 With the last of its energy, Alcohol uses Scald, hoping for a burn! ((6 + 3 + 6 - 6) * 1) = 9...
  16. Battling 101: Mentor Frosty vs Pupil Manazran

    um Frosty EDIT: Wait, oh. Dark Pulse ~ Protect ~ Dark Pulse