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  1. Data Mentoring Program Signups [ZhengTann now in Charge!]

    Might as well give this a go. Program: Starting ASB Timezone: EST ASB Experience (if any): I know the skin and bones mechanics, but not much else Preferred speed (Expedited, Standard, or Slow): Standard or faster Why do you want to join Smogon's ASB: It looks like fun One random fact about...
  2. Profiles Profile: Wildcard

    Nohface [Chains] (F) Nature: Jolly (15% Speed, +5% Accuracy, -1 SpA) Type: Ghost/Steel Abilities: Levitate/Levitate (Locked) Stats: HP: 100 ATK: Rank 2 DEF: Rank 3 SPA: Rank 0 (-) SPD: Rank 3 Speed: 12 (+) Total: 13 Size: 1 Weight: 3 Counters: EC: 0/6 AC: 0/5 MC: 0 Moves [18] Level-Up...
  3. Profiles Profile: Wildcard

    Trainer Name: Wildcard Pokémon: Nohface, Magby, Beldum W/L/T: 0/0/0 Universal Counters: 0 Currency Counters: 0 Current Battles: Battle History: Items: 1 Lucky Egg 1 Exp. Share 1 Amulet Coin Prize Claims: