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  1. kenny_hi

    Metagame Sketchmons

    you can use ep on the offensive set But I prefer secret sword as psychic hits pex for the same amount, and if you use ep you cannot hit blissey
  2. kenny_hi

    Metagame Sketchmons

    you can only have 1 sketched move on a pokemon. You cant have both skill swap and diamond storm its one or the other
  3. kenny_hi

    Metagame Sketchmons

    As you can see by my pfp I like volcarona so I thought I would share 2 volcarona sets that I have found to have been pretty good in sketchmons. These sets are variants of the classic bulky and offensive volcarona sets that you see in ou with a sketched move to make it able to counter its checks...
  4. kenny_hi

    Metagame Sketchmons

    I have two things to say one is a question and the other is a set that I wanted to share. Question: In the post yesterday you said that cinderace was banned, however, I ran into a game with someone using cinderace, and when I checked its validation it said it was valid. So my question is, was...
  5. kenny_hi

    CAP 28 - Part 11 - Shiny Palette Poll 3

    KoA clapyourhands Wulfanator72
  6. kenny_hi

    CAP 28 - Part 11 - Shiny Palette Poll 2

    KoA clapyourhands Darquezze
  7. kenny_hi

    CAP 28 - Part 11 - Shiny Palette Poll 1

    KoA clapyourhands Darquezze