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  1. Patato123

    Rejected - Inactive Buff or nerf and change type of Pokémon in battles in /tour rules

    Looks really good, this could be VERY useful to create custom metagames, i like it
  2. Patato123

    Bug Reports v4 -- POST BUGS HERE

    hey there, i was playing shared power random, and a trace gardevoir was on my team, when i used her, the trace ability literally broked the match, all the abilitys traced just stayed on my team, and somehow, my opponent got a trace ability too, so many things started to spam on the battle chat...
  3. Patato123

    OU Mega Diancie OU (Revamp)

    [OVERVIEW] Mega Diancie é uma perigosa wallbreaker que é de grande ajuda para times ofensivos graças a seus poderosos STABs, excelentes ataques de coverage e ótimos stats de ataque. Em adição, a mesma pode colocar Stealth Rock contra muitas das melhores opções de controle de hazards na tier...
  4. Patato123

    Eve's Substitute for Real Art

    i love that, can you make a leafeon for me? :v