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  1. MyNameIsLouise

    In-game teambuilding tactics

    Usually I choose my team members based off of a few things: -Do I have more than 1 Pokemon that shares that type? -Does it learn useful HMs? -Does it have an offensive stat that is 85 or over? If it's below 95, how high are it's other stats? -How late does it evolve? Can it even evolve? **cough...
  2. MyNameIsLouise

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    I tried to exit out of the Pokemon select menu but pressing the B button doesn't do anything. Anyways, if I were to turn the game on and off, I'd be back where I last saved, which could be hours ago, because 1-player contests don't save your game before they begin. Also no way to drop out for...
  3. MyNameIsLouise

    How do you pick a version?

    Gen 1: Yellow because I dislike the Kanto starters and I knew Yellow had better sprites. Gen 2: Silver because screw Crystal and it's unavailable Mareep. Also Lugia > Oh-Ho by just a little. Gen 3: Emerald since Rayquaza was (and still is) my favourite legendary ever. he's just such a dope...
  4. MyNameIsLouise

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    yea, maybe a little tbh ;p
  5. MyNameIsLouise

    Underrated Pokemon

    Flygon is super underrated. It probably lost fame with the introduction of Garchomp, another dragon/ground Pokemon with better stats, but even then Flygon is STILL cool though. (and also the best pokemon ever, dont @ me) It has a fantastic design, sporting a unique red&green color palette. A...
  6. MyNameIsLouise

    Your First 100s

    When I was like 12 I made it my goal to raise my Flygon, Jet, to level 100. It took a really long time of non-stop grinding, but I finally managed. I still have it, I traded it over to my new main-save to cherish it forever (and also make baby trapinches uwu)
  7. MyNameIsLouise

    Best Luck in Pokémon

    This happened last week. Accidentally left my masterball in the PC while catching a rayquaza. I could of went back to get it, but that would mean I'd have to go all the way up the Sky Pillar AGAIN, so I decided to wing it at least once. Anyways, I had several Poke Balls & Premier Balls as well...
  8. MyNameIsLouise

    Hilarious NPC Quotes

    Picknicker Carol, Route 112. Pokemon Emerald. Initial Dialogue: "When you're out on a picnic, you simply have to sing! Come on, sing with me!" After defeating & talking to her: "It doesn't matter if you're good or bad at singing or POKeMON. If you have the most fun, you win!" Even her name is...
  9. MyNameIsLouise

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    this is all gen 3, RSE btw Releasing a Pokemon is painfully slow. It takes about 3-4 seconds, and when I'm releasing a box full of newly-hatched Slakoths, and there's 30 Slakoths in said box, it takes at least a minute for the release animations alone. When I'm in the contest hall at Lilycove...
  10. MyNameIsLouise

    Bad Luck You've Had So Far

    none. seriously should get a sync adamant pokemon though. idk why i havent gotten around to catching one yet oof
  11. MyNameIsLouise

    Bad Luck You've Had So Far

    yea but i dont have a female slaky or ditto with adam. ;( womp womp
  12. MyNameIsLouise

    Uses for Pokémon IRL

    Instead of pigs, pignites and emboars would be killed for their pork. It's bacon that cooks itself. Drizzle can put an end to a severe drought. Air Lock and Cloud Nine can stop rain floods. Breloom and other spore uses can help insomniacs to fall asleep. Using healing wish/lunar dance to heal...
  13. MyNameIsLouise

    Bad Luck You've Had So Far

    100-ish eggs burned and still no adamant slaky in pokemon emerald. it's a 1/25 chance for adam. should of had 4 adams by now but no, instead half of them are lax. L A X
  14. MyNameIsLouise

    Pokemon Logic

    Drizzle and Drought make no sense. How can the presence of a frekin' Peliper cause the entire weather to shift into rain? its just a peliper, not some legendary, incredibly rare ancient beast. Also why does rain's effects take place when you're inside a building (i.e. a gym)? How does harse...
  15. MyNameIsLouise

    Your Favorite Theme in Pokemon?

    FRLG Pokemon Center Theme is a banger. It's just a really nice little melody. -Super fun to play on the piano -Super fun to hum to yourself when you're bored -play this at my funeral pls
  16. MyNameIsLouise

    The Most Facepalm Worthy Thing You Have Done in All of Pokémon

    (Emerald) accidentally threw my only masterball at a tentacool in the sea below mossdeep city. last time i saved was several hours ago so i couldn't reload unless i wanted to do everything all over again. (FireRed) turning off and then trading all my pokemon to a different game when i...
  17. MyNameIsLouise

    Your Favourite Place (Route, City, etc.) in Pokemon

    okay i looked it up again and it's not true. idk why i believed that little rumor even as a small, stupid child to begin with and didnt question it went writing that lol
  18. MyNameIsLouise

    Little things you like about Pokémon

    I like getting my Pokemon's hair done at the Goldenrod City barber shop. It makes me happy to see my favorite pokemon happy. I can't find a way to out-right hate any pokemon, even if it's design is terrible *cough* klefki *cough* or i hate it in the anime *cough* mime jr. *cough* because i...
  19. MyNameIsLouise

    Your Favourite Place (Route, City, etc.) in Pokemon

    Lavender Town, hands down (only gen 1 tho) wow, to think a town from a gen 1 pokemon game made when colors were just invented could be described as 'atmospheric' . It's already a pretty dreadful place considering the town is home to a lovely tower that houses the spirits of dead pokemon, but the...
  20. MyNameIsLouise

    ill be honest, I only saw a season and a half of the DP anime so i didnt really get a full...

    ill be honest, I only saw a season and a half of the DP anime so i didnt really get a full chance to see her. shes kinda annoying at times, not very interesting, and is basically an unnecessary clone of May but less cool. i realize its been a while since i saw the anime actually so i might...