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  1. Meloetta

    It's also a Dragon Dance that can be blocked by Ghost-Types and Negated by Protect and actually makes you's pretty easy to use that comparison the other way.
  2. Meloetta

    I doubt they will, otherwise I assume we would've heard something.
  3. Meloetta

    She can't use Banded P-Form even if she wanted to since she apparently switches form on switch out. Only way you could use a Banded P-Form (without being locked into Relic Song) is if someone for some strange reason decides to Trick a Choice Band on her.
  4. Meloetta

    Yeah, she ended up getting released early due to advanced screenings of the movie she's getting handed out in or whatever.
  5. Meloetta

    Well, if it goes to UU, it'd probably be good for Meloetta since Mienshao went down and Mew vacated to OU.
  6. Meloetta

    Welp, Meloetta has been released early so...enjoy.
  7. Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Move Tutor Moves

    I didn't say one way or the other about whether retests should happen or not.
  8. Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Move Tutor Moves

    Except while this is resembling DW OU, DW OU didn't not have the Therians running around which (at least two of them) are making a very big impact at the moment. That alone could've really affected usage stats, and of course this is not taking into account the new Move Tutors. On top of that...
  9. BW2 General Metagame Discussion Thread

    Well SpD TTar seems to be working a good amount. You just can't stay in that long if the opponent has a Keldeo.
  10. White Kyurem & Black Kyurem

    ...Do you have a reading deficiency? Where the hell did I say it shouldn't be in Ubers?
  11. BW2 General Metagame Discussion Thread

    I've been using Haxrachi, damn thing has been clutch for me. Also Reuniclus.
  12. White Kyurem & Black Kyurem

    I notice the part where I said Outrage and Fusion Bolt alone would get the job done, that Outrage/Fusion Bolt/Ice Beam was still damn good, and that if no one likes taking an Outrage from Haxorus, they sure as hell won't like taking one from Kyurem-B? Hurray context.
  13. White Kyurem & Black Kyurem

    Again, Kyurem-W, no matter it's "defensive weaknesses" has no business anywhere near OU. Unless you'd enjoy taking Draco Meteor/Fusion Flare/Blizzard (Ice Beam) from a 170 SpA Poke? The only think that makes Kyurem-B slightly debatable is its horrid physical movepool, which forces it to go...
  14. Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 - Mark 2 ** Spoilers **

    They gave Shell Smash Cloyster to N? Hurray...
  15. Underrated but effective sets in the BW2 overused metagame

    Reuniclus @ Leftovers Trait: Magic Guard EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpD Bold Nature: (+Def, -Atk) - Calm Mind - Recover - Psychic - Focus Blast Good ole' trusty Reuniclus. Bulky and a life saver. Still a good thing when people continue to underestimate it. Psychic still hits like a truck...
  16. BW2 General Metagame Discussion Thread

    Why do people assume Physical Keldeo sets might actually work? They don't even have the surprise factor...
  17. You cannot hope to stop keldeo, You can only hope to contain him

    Not only that, the fact is, if you're running a SD set, Keldeo is in his Usual Form since he doesn't have Secret Sword. That might sound like nitpicking since it was already mentioned, but think about it. Every Keldeo Special set, whether Specs, Calm Mind...whatever, runs Secret Sword, thus in...
  18. BW2 General Metagame Discussion Thread

    So how's TTar gonna deal with the new Rain Offense? If the opponent has Keldeo (which he will) and a Specs Toed, it looks like he's in for absolute hell.
  19. Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Move Tutor Moves

    Well there's a reason it's RU. But I guess you're right, Archeops really doesn't have a place in OU. Wish Passing is way too obvious and will get it blown up anyway.