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  1. xJoje

    SV DOU Help with SV OU Doubles team!

    What changes do you suggest?
  2. xJoje

    SV DOU Help with SV OU Doubles team!

    Hello! Considering that the new DLC (which seems to be full of double battles) is just around the corner, I ventured into making a competitive doubles team for both comp and history. This is my first time creating a team for this format so I chose to do a fun strategy. I wanted the team to...
  3. xJoje

    SV OU Mono - Color team help

    Hello everyone, I am relatively new to pkm competitive and I want to participate on a YouTuber's community tournament. Rules are the classic OU rules I guess, except the team has to be all an specific color. I have made this team thinking about their strongest stats but not taking account their...