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  1. The Avalanches

    Bless A Curse

    I think we should just let this thread die now.
  2. The Avalanches

    Bless A Curse

    haha, yeah, but what if you DIDN’T have to use it? XD haha You need to drink a litre of printer ink every day to prevent your organs from failing
  3. The Avalanches

    Bless A Curse

    You realize that’s not a curse at all, jesus fucking christ man, you can just not be a fucking baby about a video game… Your skull has deteriorated to the point where even a gentle tap will knock you out for hours.
  4. The Avalanches

    Bless A Curse

    fortunately, it’s “cow tools”. although they are unsophisticated, they are strong enough to break the fourth wall and escape. you are constantly being pursued by a poisonous snake. it will evade all your attempts to harm, trap, or blockade it.
  5. The Avalanches

    Bless A Curse

    Buddy, we all got fetishes, but there’s a time and a place. You are magically prevented from entering any mode of transportation except for hot air balloons and rigid airships.
  6. The Avalanches

    Bless A Curse

    Even though you’re the worst youtuber, you’re infamous and reviled to the point where you’re able to make a decent living off people’s hatred of you. You impulsively blurt out very embarrassing secrets every time the you talk to the person you like.
  7. The Avalanches

    Bless A Curse

    You live out your days as a Pokémon befriending other Pokémon and rescuing Pokemon from dungeons All water you drink from any source is now laced with LSD
  8. The Avalanches

    Bless A Curse

    This incident infuriates you so greatly that you feel compelled to give up speedrunning entirely. Your mental health improves dramatically and your parents are no longer disappointed in you. Birds start crapping on you with baffling precision and frequency
  9. The Avalanches

    Bless A Curse

    Their antics remind you of your best friend when you were nine years old who also had an infuriating lack of imagination that made playtime kind of boring. You get back into contact with them and go out for a few beers with them and talk about life, and it’s an enjoyable evening. Your digestive...
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    Bless A Curse

    This adds a thrilling layer to your penchant for auto-erotic asphyxiation You lose the ability to walk if your blood-alcohol level is below 0.08
  11. The Avalanches

    Bless A Curse

    You use this time to develop an interest in methamphetamines, so the two weeks just flies by and you don’t feel tired at all! All your trips to the restroom, #1’s and #2’s, are a painful affair and last no less that 45 minutes.
  12. The Avalanches

    Bless A Curse

    All your blessings are “it didn’t affect you”. Get better material.
  13. The Avalanches

    can you find tauros?

    How does a Machamp find a Tauros in a field? Very satisfying
  14. The Avalanches

    ,,evergreen'' tweets

    this stuck with me. when i first read it, i cackled like an idiot until my nervous system shut down.
  15. The Avalanches

    SS LC Rob Grookowski and the H&M Berkaneers

    you telling me oras fletch is back? shiiiiieet, I might have to make a comeback. i have no advice because i’ve been retired for five years, but having 0-ish flying switch ins has GOT to suck. great names btw ❤️
  16. The Avalanches

    SS OU Gen 8 Ice,Grass,Ghost,Fairy team

    Good predictions just take a little practice. Try and think of what your opponent would do from their point of view. If you see a switch coming, don’t click DB, or you can even switch.
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    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    Is Gen VI the platonic ideal of Little Cup or something? It seems like with the introduction of new generations, the LC council takes an express train to eliminating anything just a little too powerful or anything that differentiates itself from the ORAS meta too much in some way. The decision...
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    I’ve played zero Gen 8 games. It looks okay.

    I’ve played zero Gen 8 games. It looks okay.
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    The "hi", therapeutic thread

    Hi From Australia, but working in Canada for the winter, far away from everything I’ve ever known.
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    Rules Simple Questions, Simple Answers / Little Cup Information / Forum Rules

    Pro tip: don’t take this so damn seriously. just make some online friends and remember that lc clout does not translate into the real world in any way.