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  1. Soosthemoose

    SV OU Sticky Webs HO feat. Swords Dance Haxorus (Peak 1890 - #56)

    Of course the nickname "hazard removal" is competitively optimal to bait your opponent into thinking you're mortal spin, optimal team for sure
  2. Soosthemoose

    SV OU KINO DER TOTEN - SV OU Anti-Fat Darkspam [Peaked #61, 1874]

    This is the type of team people are gonna spam on midladder for 2 weeks... Regardless, gratz on the peak, sick team!
  3. Soosthemoose

    "LEGIT STALL": "#1" "2100 Elo" "91% GXE" by SupaGmoney and Quacc

    Breaking news: This team becomes the first ever to reach one corvillion ELO on ou ladder :Corviknight: :Corviknight: :Corviknight: :Corviknight::Corviknight: :Corviknight: :Corviknight: :Corviknight: :Corviknight: :Corviknight: :Corviknight: :Corviknight: :Corviknight: :Corviknight...
  4. Soosthemoose

    SV OU The Emperor (Iron Crown Grassy Terrain BO, MADE ARCHALUDON REQS)

    Iron crown is peak, gratz on reqs
  5. Soosthemoose

    Project SV OU Teambuilding Competition (Indigo Disk Edition) (Week 13: Darkrai) (We're back!!!)

    Paste: :ribombee: :gholdengo: :serperior: :roaring moon: :kingambit: :manaphy: This is a pretty standard webs team that's worked really well for me. The idea is that serperior's contrary allows it to benefit off of threats to webs like cinderace court...
  6. Soosthemoose

    SV OU Thundurus-T + Ceruledge Balance. Peak Top #46 (Elo #1881) Ft Savouras

    For the dark souls reference(I think), immediate 10/10 team, Gratz on peak
  7. Soosthemoose

    Double Dance Gliscor Screens Hyper Offense (Peaked 1795 Elo)

    Oh you’re the guy who’s been hyping up this set in ou chat for like weeks… Gratz on the peak, sick team
  8. Soosthemoose

    SV OU Sinistcha Hazard Stack Stall - Peaked #50, 1877 ELO

    Finally, a sinistcha team. I love this guy. Sick as hell dude
  9. Soosthemoose

    SV OU Mushroom Webs

    After moon ban, why don’t you try out manaphy? Stored power sets are really cheesy on webs, and it sort of improves a lot of the threats you have for the team. Also the ceruledge nickname gives your opponent critical hidden knowledge :)
  10. Soosthemoose

    SV OU Weavile + Heatran Balance. Peak Top #35 (Elo #1912)

    Ngl this team is schnasty, I’ve seen quite a few people using this for reqs. Only problem is that this team is named blood eclipse without BM…
  11. Soosthemoose

    SV OU Real Big (Peak 1919, #24)

    Alr bro you were for sure cooking with this one, this team is sick as hell. Lack of hazard control is pretty interesting in this meta though…this might be a stupid idea, but have you thought about stored power hatterene over cress?
  12. Soosthemoose

    SV OU DLC STALL! (PEAKED #1 2075 ELO!)

    3 things are certain in this world: Death, Taxes, and HighVoltage stall peak. Gratz on another one
  13. Soosthemoose

    Project SV OU Teambuilding Competition

  14. Soosthemoose

    SV OU HISUIAN GOODRA OFFENSE - PEAKED #1, 2094 ft. Thundurus-Therian

    Another pinkacross banger, you make building cool teams look effortless. I've been experimenting with h-goodra myself, and I though balance would be a better home for him, but he fits this team like a glove.