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  1. rivershock

    Jan/Feb 7* Event - Greninja (Poison Tera)

    I (narrowly) soloed it with a Dondozo. (Leftovers, Adamant, with max HP/Attack and Earthquake/Curse/Rest/Sleep Talk.) I chose Dondozo over something like Clodsire or Gastrodon because it has much better physical bulk and Attack (though lack of Ground STAB mostly mitigates that, I guess). Plus it...
  2. rivershock

    Post Your Scarlet & Violet In-Game Teams!

    Scarlet (my first, and main, game): Violet: The fact I ended up with Venomoth on both is an amusing coincidence. Venomoth is my favourite Pokemon, so I deliberately chose it in Scarlet. (Aside from the starter, the only things I planned ahead of time were an Ice-Type and whichever of...
  3. rivershock

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    Hey, a thought just occurred to me... There's no fishing rods in Scarlet/Violet right? Does the Lure Ball have a new effect now, or is it just a fancy Poke Ball?
  4. rivershock


    Riolu learns Final Gambit at Level 50.
  5. rivershock

    Glalie and Snorunt

    Not groundbreaking or necessarily surprising, but Glalie has NOT gained Memento. (Just wishful thinking on my part for a way to test Memento Klefki pre-Bank.) (Also hasn't gained the oh so likely Worry Seed, Rage Powder or Sleep Powder from my Jumpluff. ;p) I figure every little bit helps, and...
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    Doesn't appear it gets ANY special Normal move by egg move. More specifically, it doesn't get Spit Up (or Stockpile/Swallow), Wring Out, Trump Card or Snore. Also doesn't get Acid Spray, Refresh, Screech or Power Whip (not that that was likely), amongst other things. Don't think off-hand that...
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    Yeah... Been trying for a few hours to figure out the path for Flatter, too. I give up... About the only things in the Field or Monster Egg Groups as well as Water 1/2 that I didn't try were Blastoise, Lapras and Dewgong. I doubt it's passed via Dragon or Amorphous in some way, and <Field> ->...
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    Neither Marill or Azurill learns Flatter by Egg Move. >.>
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    Does not get Flatter by Egg Move. Retains Fire Fang as an Egg Move.
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    Does not get Flatter by Egg Move.
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    Does not get Flatter by Egg Move.
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    Does not get Flatter by Egg Move.
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    Does not get Flatter by Egg Move.
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    Does not get Flatter by Egg Move.
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    Does not get Flatter by Egg Move.
  16. rivershock

    Slowbro and Slowpoke

    Does not get Flatter by Egg Move.
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    Does not get Flatter by Egg Move.
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    Does not get Flatter by Egg Move.
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    Does not get Flatter or Helping Hand by Egg Move.
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    Entrainment's ability change shows the original ability as it's changing it, in the same way as an ability activation is displayed. (So if the Pokemon had Effect Spore, it'd show Effect Spore, then replace it with the user's ability, displaying that too.) Trace is useless in a horde situation...