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  1. Polarr's Pet Shop

    Hey your pokes are ready. Let me know when you're ready. Btw instead of choice specs. Can I get choice band and the fletchling?
  2. Polarr's Pet Shop

    No sorry!
  3. Polarr's Pet Shop

    No sorry! Do you have anything else. I do take BP items
  4. Polarr's Pet Shop

    Adamant Fletchling and a BP Item? (Choice Specs)
  5. Eli's 5IV pokeshop. legends, Shinies, HP!! I OFFER CLONING!

    No sorry :( Actually instead of the Skarmory, I need the Clauncher more
  6. Eli's 5IV pokeshop. legends, Shinies, HP!! I OFFER CLONING!

    CMT for your skarmory :)
  7. Polarr's Pet Shop

    Thank you! :)
  8. Polarr's Pet Shop

    My IGN is Kenny and my FC is on my signature. Added you! :)
  9. Polarr's Pet Shop

    Air balloon. So your squirtle and Air balloon for my Noibat and Shellder?
  10. Polarr's Pet Shop

    Do you still want the Beldum and Axew? Hey your pokes are ready :)
  11. Polarr's Pet Shop

    That scyther would be great! I'll use it for breeding purposes thanks! :) your pokes are ready. Lemme know when you wanna trade
  12. Polarr's Pet Shop

    6 IV scyther with defog and baton pass and is Adamant?
  13. Polarr's Pet Shop

    Hey bro, I just got a perfect 6Iv adamant Herracross.. Do you think you can add something on to your trade ?
  14. Polarr's Pet Shop

    I'm interested in the eevee and maybe a few bp items? Lemme look into which ones I need
  15. Polarr's Pet Shop

    BTW, I'm interested in the squirtle and some BP items(the ones for EV training).
  16. Polarr's Pet Shop

    Is it okay if the noibat is timid?
  17. Polarr's Pet Shop

    Hey I made a mistake in my labeling. It's actually a timid Noibat. Would you like that ? Or do you want a modest still.
  18. Polarr's Pet Shop

    It's going to take me a bit for the heracross. Maybe late tmr? I have the noibat though.
  19. Polarr's Pet Shop

    Haha I forgot to reserve. First time making a trade threat. It's okay I'm just going to edit based on the original. I'm interested in your Scyther, Swinub, and Tyrunt
  20. Polarr's Pet Shop

    Rules: 1) No hacked Pokemon 2)Please do not redistribute my Pokemon. Should be only used for breeding purposes 3) Be respectful 4)Please be patient, sometimes breeding is a very tedious job and I am in school so it might take a bit of time. 5) All my Pokemon will have flawless IV so I expect the...