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  1. rhydonphilip

    Tournament LCPL XIII - Commencement

  2. rhydonphilip

    Tournament LCWC IV - Signups

    Name: Rhydonphilip Tiers Played: ORASLC Primary Eligibility: Het koningkrijk der Nederlanden Secondary Eligibility: Europe Interested in Captaincy? Fille and Jox are drunk or filled with tea half their captaincy Significant Time Missed: <all - time Fille and Jox are drunk>
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    Lower Tiers LC Viability Rankings 2.0

    A handful of things worth mentioning, part related to the VR For starters the mon I would like to see their rankings of changed: Stunky from unranked to C+ Stunky got removed from the VR in spite of being a common face on Memento teams and limited but unique value as a hard Ghost/Psychic...
  4. rhydonphilip

    Metagame NP: Stage 0 - We've Only Just Begun (Welcome to SV NU) [Quickbans Post #142]

    Lot of mons to talk about. Will start with a small list of mons in grouping and work through explaining each (can we get a homogenization of these sprites btw) Goodra, Medicham and Bruxish are to me the best 3 mons in the tier rfn. Medicham it's simply the strongest Fighting, hard STAB combo...
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    Programming Pokémon Showdown Damage Calculator

    Implementation issue for physical/special split as all status moves in damage calc are Physical. Nature power is the sole move this matters for, but it also only has special attacks as a result since gen 6. The easy fix would be to implement all Status moves as Special Attack in calc or...
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    Project SS NU Matchmaking: Week 23 - Sirfetch'd

    Rotom + Bomb-bee
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    Project SS RU Victim of the Week: Week 31 - NP Alolatales

    Bewear, Passimian Sableye, Mudsdale
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    Project NU Archetype Cores [Dragon / Fire / Flying]

    Hardly a core, but just 3 sets that work well as the main agressive parts for a team. Kanga punishes Fairy/Poison-type pokemon for Cofag to set up, Kanga wittles Ghost-types for Cofag to set up, etc. Sawk cleans late game if any of the above 2 even remotely did their job. Spikes are fantastic...
  9. rhydonphilip

    Bug Reports v4 -- POST BUGS HERE

    NU ladder is a bit bugged, it autoselects the "random team" and doesnt allow you to pick any. Reselecting the tier after switching format allows the user to pick a team as intended. BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - CHAT (CLIENT), this can happen with any format, but I don't know a consistent way of...
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    Project SS NU Matchmaking: Week 23 - Sirfetch'd

    Togedemaru and watervally
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    Programming Pokémon Showdown Damage Calculator

    Mr. Mime-galar is currently a broken on the damage calc, the damage calc keeps showing the name for abomasnow, eviolite also doesn't work on it, but it does use the defensive/offensive values of Mr. Mime-galar. This is the only pokemon found to have such an issue. Additionally, it is also...
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    Metagame SWSH RU Alpha - Metagame Thread

    after a good bit of testing the following pokemon/playstyles jumped out to me; :galvantula: Galvantula is an absolute monster boasting some of the best offense in the tier and one of the highest speed tiers ontop of having 2 dangerous sets in LO 3 attack w webs and specs voltswitch. Both these...
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    Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    Can someone confirm if Body Press is boosted by attack boosts or by defense boosts ingame?
  14. rhydonphilip

    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    I am viewing it a bit broader than just LC, however I don't see any value to keeping this mechanic other than "it's also in the main series games, and we try to stay true to in-game as much as possible". It's a forcefull mechanic that turns a large part of the metagame into a gamewinning threat...
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    Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Unless steam engin is ment to also ignore critical damage... There seems to be a damage glitch, turn 18 and 19 had Giga Drain deal a fraction less when it did critical hit. Someone else in Sword/shield spoilers chat pointed this out.
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword & Shield Pre-Release SPOILERS - Check Post 2!

    Rolycoly didn't increase speed after using rapid spin, despite being at only +3(from steam engin ability). Gossifleur was seen increasing speed, perhaps this is the effect of gossifleur's ability or, rapid spin's speed increase doesn't always occure and is chance based.
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    Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    I can be mistaken but the combination of Recycle + leppa should be banned by endless battle clause? , Pyukumuku had the combination and used it on turn 84. Somehow someone still got to bring that combination on to ZU ladder, not sure if this is...