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  1. coolbiz


    I've been using only weavile and the speed is extremely rewarding. It makes it easy for punishes and hard to punish which comes with the trade off of you can be killed after a couple of combos. If your reaction time is good enough you can get in some really good chip combos while waiting on your...
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    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    Since we are on the topic of zoo: Pre LoE it was the deck I knew how to use the best. I used to play the classic list from nax but just with implosion in it. I can say that has been/is one of the best/strongest decks in this game and I have no doubt that it will still be in standard. Its just so...
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    2016 musics

    Hey I'm getting into trap music, please recommend me someone to listen to.
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    I played single player first and felt that it helped me drastically. I hadn't played multiplayer for weeks while playing the campaign and worked my way quickly to B- once I started(almost in one night). So I say yes play atleast a little bit of the campaign first.
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    wait so there was a way I couldve not killed goat mom wtf :/
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    I played this a bit, I love it, I love how beginner friendly it is. zorbees knows more than me about this even tho I told him about it FeelsBadMan
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    I recently got good with a ak and its so good compared to both m4s, its really dumb honestly, its so good and cheap to the point where I hate playing ct on most maps. I find it odd to dude, valve aint gonna change it to even out tho lol
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Well when I bet i like to have FULL confidence that the team I bet on will win, so I never bet against certain teams and make sure I do my research, especially if you know the map pick beforehand. I likewise find the jackpot sites to be on the more luck based side so I don't use them. Seeing...
  9. coolbiz

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    C9 made me proud this weekend, I also decided to bet all the skins I accumulated on my alt account and have ended with a great profit from this weekend. I started with ~$1.20 and ended with this(most of the things in returned I had won also from this weekend): Anyone else here do any betting...
  10. coolbiz

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Im so ready to see swag playing with C9, he was easily my fav player before he got banned. I honestly think they should allow those players a way to re-enter teams. Hoping to see swag play.
  11. coolbiz

    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    So I decided to have bit fun and make a inspire mage deck. Its surprisingly decent and can handle a lot of decks if used correctly. You could easily replace a lot of those cards such as flamestrike since you already should be clearing a lot. I would have a frost giant(or 2) in there but I don't...
  12. coolbiz

    Kingdom Hearts (pre-III Spoilers ITT)

    Just making a quick recommendation to put another list in the OP of the games in the order of the story, to help with conversation and whatnot. Some people coming in this conversation may have not a single clue as to what you guys are talking about regarding the story. Other than that this has...
  13. coolbiz

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive Group matches happen in like 2 hours(I think), great to watch for the inexperienced, experienced and people that just want souvenirs. Some great matches are gonna go down. LETS GO USA EDIT: Its happening.
  14. coolbiz

    Super Smash Bros 4 (Spoilers ITT)

    the shrug haha Am I the only one who is upset that sheiks f-air didn't get some type of frame change? Virtually no end or start lag, combos into itself, can be chained for years if you make the smallest of a mistake. Just seems it needed a slight tweak to me but I'm just a casual so w/e
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    I beat the moon lord first try earlier today relatively easily with a daybreak, beetle armor, and a stardust dragon with a lot of potion boosts. The potion boosts make it so easy, especially the extra 100 health one. My defense was over 100 as well so I could face tank the core part to a certain...
  16. coolbiz

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Thats not completely true since you do get a weekly drop and random case drops. If you were lucky enough to get a shadow case you can sell it for a couple bucks steam money which is a crazy price for a case and will go down in days/weeks. So its more about your RNG, kinda like pokemon. In Gaben...
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    They look alright, I think instead they should've just added more skins to the game for former knives. In other news I picked up one of the rarest skins in a trade the other day, a field-tested AWP Medusa. Chance of getting it as a drop is the same chance of getting a dragon lore which is the...
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    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    my understanding was incorrect, sorry
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    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    The more wins you get the better your pack will be, nonetheless nice job/pack