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  1. Jett

    Tournament ZUPL VI - Week 2

    ORAS ZU: a fruitshop owner vs Toto
  2. Jett

    Project Spill the Sinistea (it returns!!!) - ishtar

    What is your all-time top 5 gobos list?
  3. Jett

    Gen 6 [ZU] Jumpluff [DONE]

    did ty
  4. Jett

    Gen 6 [ORAS] Electabuzz [DONE]

    thanks, implemented
  5. Jett

    Gen 6 [ORAS] Choice Scarf Frogadier [DONE]

    thanks for the gp checks, implemented
  6. Jett

    Project SV ZU Teambuilding Competition

    1 & 4
  7. Jett

    Gen 6 [ORAS] Huntail [DONE]

    nice work
  8. Jett

    Gen 6 [ZU] Duosion [DONE]

    dont care didnt ask, also this is now done
  9. Jett

    Make your own personalized Trainer Card!

    There are probabaly about 10 mons I coulda put in like 5 slots because Sneasel is my only true lock in but I didn't wanna overthink it. Sneasel has been my favourite Pokemon since forever. Realistically probably some combination of Silver having it and it fighting with Toto dile in the anime...
  10. Jett

    Project SV ZU Teambuilding Competition

    Teams 1 & 4
  11. Jett

    Gen 6 [ZU] Choice Scarf Krokorok [DONE]

    thanks for the check, looks like bot works too yippee
  12. Jett

    Gen 6 [ZU] Jumpluff [DONE]

    Thanks, implemented, ready for GP Team
  13. Jett

    Gen 6 [ZU] Meowstic-M [DONE]

    good work as always