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  2. Bronzong

  3. Gourgeist-XL

    looks good QC 2/3
  4. Thanks. Good to be back

    Thanks. Good to be back
  5. Aggron [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    Remove taunt from oo. Mention in c&c that seismitoad and poliwrath can fish for a burn with Scald and cripple Aggron. QC 2/3 when you're done.
  6. Bronzong

    [OVERVIEW] Generalize what the Pokemon does in the metagame and as a whole and why you should or shouldn't consider using it on your teams. [SET] name: Defensive move 1: Stealth Rock / Protect move 2: Gyro Ball / Iron Head move 3: Toxic move 4: Earthquake item: Leftovers ability: Levitate...
  7. ORAS RU Reservation Index V3

  8. Congrats :D

    Congrats :D
  9. Congrats :)

    Congrats :)
  10. Congrats :)

    Congrats :)
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  12. Rotom

    ??? Esidisi
  13. Qwilfish

    thanks everyone. this is done.
  14. Qwilfish

    thanks. ready for final check
  15. Glalie (Mega)

    thanks everyone. this is done
  16. Project Core Analysis Workshop (discussing Abomasnow+Slowking)

    Audino @ Audinite Ability: Regenerator EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpA Bold Nature - Calm Mind - Dazzling Gleam - Rest - Sleep Talk Alo and Drud are both unable to do much against Mega Audino. If dino gets worn down, it can just rest up to full. dino uses these two as setup fodder and can beat...
  17. Gratz!

  18. Cofagrigus (QC 2/3) Writing

    Remove the mention of Cofag's movepool in overview. Mention will-o over hp fighting in otr but also mention its downsides (walled by doom and meloetta) Remove Accelgor and Omastar from team options in defensive set. Cofag doesn't fit in the types of team that those two are in. Mention...
  19. Congrats!