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  1. spoo

    CAP 34 - Part 16 - Flavor Ability Discussion

    CAP 34 So Far ---- Please pay very close attention to kenn's posts during this thread and remain on topic. DO NOT begin by posting massive lists of abilities! Some general rules for this discussion: Custom abilities are banned. No exceptions. Posts suggesting custom abilities will be...
  2. spoo

    CAP 34 - Part 15 - Post Play Lookback

    CAP 34 So Far ----- In this stage we will first reflect on the process so far, discussing what we've learned from this process, how this well we have fulfilled its concept, and what impact CAP33 had on the metagame. After that, we will discuss some possible minor tweaks to the product in order...
  3. spoo

    Tournament CAPPL X - Week 5

    LOW EFFORT LATE SPOO DICTS No Fucks Great Tusks (4) vs (4) Storming Saharajas SV CAP: Dj Breloominati♬ vs frankjosh - cant believe im predicting tusks to 3-0 sv but here we are SV CAP: big tony 2014 vs Sificon - BIG TONY GOING UNDEFEATED SV CAP: Joeshh vs temp - better player but he'll only win...
  4. spoo

    Resource CAP Buff & Nerf Process Archive

    April 1 2024: Hemogoblin Nerfed June 20 2024: Chuggalong Nerfed
  5. spoo

    Announcement 2024 CAP Tournament Circuit

    Signups for the CAP Summer Seasonal are open! The OP has also been updated with the current circuit standings.
  6. spoo

    Tournament CAPPL X - Week 4

    Voodoom Patrol (4) vs (4) Storming Saharajas SV CAP: Tempo di anguria vs Sificon - sifi didnt have it easy w his opponent last week but this should be a much closer game. i like tempo a lot tho, he was one of the ppl who caught my eye when i was scouting for draft so yeah this ones a bit of a...
  7. spoo

    Tournament CAPPL X - Commencement

    Hello and welcome to the highly anticipated CAP Premier League X Power Rankings! This year we celebrate CAPPL's tenth birthday, and today in particular, we celebrate yet another bingo item checked off and ten minutes of entertainment that took four weeks to produce. The process for these power...
  8. spoo

    Tournament CAPPL X - Week 4

    SV CAP: big tony 2014 vs Maxouille
  9. spoo

    Tournament CAPPL X - Week 3

    home from road trip predicts Voodoom Patrol (8) vs (0) Caribolters okay im ngl i didn't realize this was 8-0 until i went back to count LMAO i think all the voodooms are individually favored but it's obviously not gonna be that much of a beatdown, some of these games are v close. if caris win...
  10. spoo

    CAP CAP34 Playtest - Round 4

  11. spoo

    Tournament CAPPL X - Week 2

    bored on the road predicts Voodoom Patrol (6) vs (2) Wu Tang Clants SV CAP: avarice vs Mada - has streamed brat vs has not streamed brat... i think mada goes 0-2 and then doesnt drop another game this tour (unless vs hemogoblins) SV CAP: Kate vs Sylveon used calm mind - i remember watching...
  12. spoo

    CAP CAP34 Playtest - Round 4

    won vs concept everything ggs
  13. spoo

    Done Quick Nerfs prior to PPL

    Closing this and marking it as passed. Shnow brought up some fair points but mods are generally of the same mind as zetalz; this process is intended to be a quick one first and foremost, and shouldn't be something we do without an obvious desire among the larger community anyways. In the...
  14. spoo

    Done Quick Nerfs prior to PPL

    Yeah I think having a procedure in place to quickfix any obviously ridiculous elements before the PPL, which can finish up to a month or two after the initial release, is ultimately a good thing for everyone. I also like the idea of looping in the TL/TLT on the meta council's proposed nerf...
  15. spoo

    CAP CAP34 Playtest - Round 3

    won for last round ggs
  16. spoo

    Tournament CAPPL X - Week 1

    OK fine Voodoom Patrol (4) vs Golden Time Equilibras (4) SV CAP: Kate vs Fc - fc had a great showing in sv just a few months ago, probably just in better form asw with wcop and spl and whatnot. i remember kate loading a lot of really weird stuff in prior cap tours, which can def be a double...
  17. spoo

    Tournament CAPPL X - Week 1

    Seasons > Lostmemories SHSP Wulfanator shnowshner GOOOOOOOOOO SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. spoo

    Tournament CAPPL X - Commencement

    Had to be done
  19. spoo

    Tournament CAPPL X - Commencement

    Flexing hemos insane art s/o Blazenix s/o hemogoblins s/o Seasons s/o @TOMMYSHOWBIZ Okay carry on
  20. spoo

    Tournament CAPPL X - Commencement

    genuinely no one was paying attention here, worst mock yet, ggs all Steam Buns 26000 TyCarter 19000 Brigtel 19000 dex 17000 Rage.Spam.Quit. 16000 Nowelle 10500 Earthflax 3500 Philou008 3000 big tony 2014 3000 Atha 3000 Fogbound Lake 25500 clean 24500 Monai 20000...