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  1. bobbyvaporeon

    Gen-NEXT development thread

    I think that in order for Raikou to be used over Jolteon, it would need better bulk and power over it, as well as a better movepool. Oh wait.
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    Ubers Premier League 2014 [Sign Ups]

    Name: bobbyvaporeon Metas: XY Inactivity: none
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    Pokémon Greninja

    I think the main problems with physical Greninja are both the lack of power and the fact that it's outclassed and isn't using Greninjas selling points (great special movepool, STAB everything). Plus, Greninjas physical movepool (shadow sneak, waterfall, Rock slide) is significantly weaker than...
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    Pokémon Greninja

    the reason theres so much negativity towards it is that it isnt a good set. If you want a physical water-type, use Azumarill. Pretty simple. no need to overreact.
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    Multi Gen Ubers Replay Thread

    These matches weren't that good. None of your opponents were that great, and 4 of your six pokemon are ranging from bad to downright awful in Ubers (Tangela and Rhydon). The battles we are looking for in this thread are solid close matches showcasing top threats and undiscovered sets.
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    Other than Serperior, all of the broken pokemon are broken mainly because of setup moves such as Dark Void, Tail Glow ect. So, why don't we just ban pokemon from getting Super Effective Status Moves? After all, spore is not actually super effective on Greninja, and this would balance out the...
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    Ability Shift

    I legitimately don't understand why you would ever ever use this over Chansey. Chansey has a higher HP stat (the only stat that matters) which leads to much better bulk with Eviolite. I just don't get it. I THOUGHT THIS WAS HACKMONS OH
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    Multi Gen Ubers Replay Thread

    This isn't the stuff you should post here. This thread is for good hard-fought battles. Not anymore :o ~MM2
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    Mime Jr. (QC 0/3

    bumping this since it is still ready for QC checks and i removed all 0 mentions of Murkrow and Meditite
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    Physical Special Swap (Kyurem-B banned, Kyurem-W and Reshiram unbanned)

    Sort of a bump, but i just found out that this is now playable on Joims Lab. So if you want to play matches, just come on by there, ill be there sometimes! All abilities stay the same.
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    Mulanvaporeon- Yeah I'm lazy with titles today

    Yeah sending our Rotom@ nothing Willo-wisp - Snatch - Hidden Power
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    How do you stay sane while breeding?

    To be honest, I'm pretty sure all of my competitive Pokemon are only 3-4 IV because I am the most impatient person you will ever meet. Except for the 5IV Skarmory and Azumarill I got off wonder trade YEEEEEAH
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    BH Tour- Tour III signups (Balanced Hackmons BiWeekly Mini Tours)

    Well I'm posting here to gather team members Join team fk stall everyone, anyone welcome but Adrian Marin
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    Mulanvaporeon- Yeah I'm lazy with titles today

    Iron tail + iron tail combo - cooldown( iron tail) - iron tail +iron tail combo IF evasive attack or Fly is used, use Dragon Dance that turn and push actions back.
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    Other XY OU Mini Tour Finals

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    Ability Shift

    What makes no sense is why you started setting up when you knew that the opponent had Snorlax. Anyways, if we do shift another for those three abilities, Snorlax gets Infiltrator (not that great, I'd honestly run gooey), pure power mons get quick feet (now Greninja sucks, tough claws is also...
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    i can play friday if thats good. or now but you dont seem to be online

    i can play friday if thats good. or now but you dont seem to be online
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    Tier Shift Metagame (THIS IS BW)

    Doesn't matter, Medicham is RU so they would both get the boost.
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    Name: Bobbyvaporeon Timezone: GMT-6 Tiers: XY LC (also play Gligar era)