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    Social Smogon Users from North America!

    Hello I am from northwest territories.
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    Homework Help Thread

    YOu were all too late, now the glass has fallen over ... :mad:
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    Act like it is 2010

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    SHOULD I FOLLOW 1000 USERS????????

    Follow 4 follow?>????
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    Only post in this thread if youre wasted

    I was too drunk to press the send button
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    20 years of Smogon

    No, Come back at the end of the year
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    20 years of Smogon

    The very end of 2004. Smogon isn’t 20 years old, it just turned 19.
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    We only have one life

    Wow cool you read the back cover of Nietzsche
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    [Argument] Why cats are better than dogs.

    Its always C*at people making a contest out of it. Own a cat, own a dog, own both, I don't care, not a contest. SHut up.
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    Warstory: You Won't Believe This Battle

    LOL! loser!!!!!!!:pirate: I think you should try useing Togekiss air slash thunder wave it is really good and people dont see it comeing but if you parelyze and air slash they cannot move and you win!!! Hope this help[s
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    Media Spotify Wrapped 2023 is Here

    post yours then
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    Media Spotify Wrapped 2023 is Here

    Deezer doesn't have the nice summary screen in their wrapped that spotify does, so I had to get a bit creative.
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    Social What were you doing 10 years ago?

    I was right here, posting on smogon dot com I was also in high school, bored out of my mind and mostly playing video games with my mates to pass the time. Really got into Pokemon a year beforehand and started messing around with competitive on pokemon showdown and pokemon black & white in the...
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    Post your searing hot takes

    Philosophy of the world is the best album ever made
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    A tier list graveyard is no place for a young prince

    He no longer plays but Jeroen Verhoeven is the heaviest professional football player I know. The only guy above 100kg in my football card collection from back in the day.
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    With The Barbenheimer Craze Slowing Down, Let's Settle This Once And For All...

    Yes? Problem being? It's time to remove these megalopolis cities and return to our quaint cottagecore roots out in the Cotswolds.