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  1. Cheezy

    SV UU Suspect Process Round 8 - Voter Identification Thread

    i got lucked a crazy amount of times thank god its over
  2. Cheezy

    Suspect Mix and Mega Suspect #9 - Red Orb: Finally, Summertime

    finally 50 suspects done:sphearical:
  3. Cheezy

    Non-official SV ZU #3 - Emboar

    Emboar: Ban
  4. Cheezy

    Metagame Alt Identification - Emboar Suspect Test

    havent played zu in a while this is pretty fun :scream_tail: confirmed
  5. Cheezy

    Official SV PU Stage 9 Voting - Toxtricity

    Toxtricity: Do Not Ban
  6. Cheezy

    Announcement Stage 9: Voter Identification Thread

    oops i cant spell
  7. Cheezy

    Non-official SV Mix and Mega Suspect #8: Gouging Fire

    Gouging Fire: Ban
  8. Cheezy

    u gonna keep playing suspects often?

    u gonna keep playing suspects often?
  9. Cheezy


  10. Cheezy

    Non-official SV National Dex Suspect #11 - Ogerpon-Wellspring

    Ogerpon-Wellspring: Ban
  11. Cheezy

    Announcement SV National Dex Suspect 11 - Voter Identification Thread

    i love ladder and getting 6-0d by belly drum tera normal zangoose confirmed -:magearna:
  12. Cheezy

    Non-official STABmons Suspect 5: Terastallization

    Terastalization: Ban
  13. Cheezy

    Official SV PU Stage 8 Voting - Cetitan

    Cetitan: Ban
  14. Cheezy

    Suspect STABmons Suspect 5 - Terastallization: Like a Dream

    i also lost one game to timer while doing my stupid bio homework:psyangry:
  15. Cheezy

    Announcement Stage 8: Voter Identification Thread

    fun tier confirmed - asa
  16. Cheezy

    insert media and then enter the song link

    insert media and then enter the song link
  17. Cheezy

    Non-official SV STABmons Suspect #4: Gouging Fire

    Gouging Fire: Do Not Ban