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  1. You're playing Bulldogs. You're playing Bulldogs.
  2. OU Suspect Testing Round 1 Voter Identification and Suspect Nominations

    Just to clarify, how will this actually work? Will each nomination be voted on all at once, or will they each be given a suspect test, like in Gen. 4? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question. I'm just unsure. Thanks in advance.
  3. Pokémon Lab - the successor to Shoddy Battle

    Every time I open Pokémon Lab (on mac) it asks me for access to my computer. Why is this? On SB1, it doesn't continuously ask me for access to my computer. Also, if you guys could get the cancel button working, that would be great! Other than that, great job guys!
  4. Mac Bug, can't see moves

    You have to uninstall, then reinstall Shoddy before it will work again. I had the same problem and it worked after I reinstalled Shoddy.
  5. Finals The World Cup of Pokemon V - Finals [Won by Oceania]

    Go Oceania! Well done guys! Bad luck brown; well played.
  6. Suggestion

    Forgive me if this is the incorrect place; if it is, could a mod please move it? Thanks. I'd like to suggest a new feature for Shoddy Battle 2 regarding the way that matches being played are listed. Currently, it is virtually impossible for a user to watch a match not OU, as that is what the...
  7. Blissey (EV Spread Discussion)

    I'd like to know Plus' opinion of this topic, considering he is the one who had this spread made standard when he was testing Blissey for QC. I found the post he made regarding his testing of Blissey, but this was all he posted about the EVs. I think the reason(s) that these EVs were chosen...
  8. Enigma Stone Event - Wi-Fi

    Any confirmation that this is in Australia?
  9. New version

    You have to un-install, then re-install Shoddy after you do what the sticky thread says. Well, that's what I had to do...
  10. Ask the Admins #7

    What is your view on smogon being the "authority on competitive pokémon"?
  11. Smogon Textbook

    Well, it doesn't have to actually be published. It could be an online textbook that can be downloaded and then printed. Though really, the only point of it would be to have everything ready for easy use (so that you don't have to navigate through smogon) and so that you don't need a computer...
  12. All out Offence

    The extra HP EVs are just filler. Although, outspeeding Rotoms that don't run max speed may be helpful. I'll max speed again for that, thanks.
  13. All out Offence

    Actually, Jirachi can wall Latias carrying HP Fire with Wish and Protect. Jirachi can then cripple Latias with T-Wave and U-Turn out to a counter. lol. In my opinion, I don't think that I need Rapid Spin. Salamence is the only pokémon weak to SR and I always factor that in when I play and only...
  14. All out Offence

    Overview: Introduction: This team is my latest creation. It utilizes the destructive power of the items Choice Scarf, Choice Specs, and Choice Band to deal an overwhelming amount of damage to the opponent’s team members. This deadly combination of items is, in my opinion, incredibly...
  15. Finals The World Cup of Pokemon IV - Finals! [Won by Oceania]

    Congratulations Oceania. Really well done. Amazing job. Also congratus to EW for coming through under the pressure. I'd also like to say well done to the rest of the team. Also, bad luck Asia, maybe next time. (But I hope not, sorry) Btw, EW, any chance for a warstory?
  16. Team Zero (Balanced) from a new player

    Pretty good for a first RMT. May I suggest that you put a line between your pokémon's moveset and its description? That way it won't look so messy. First of all, I think that you should abandon your item clause rule. It puts you at a huge disadvantage when playing against someone that doesn't...
  17. Troubles Running Shoddy Battle? READ Before Asking

    EDIT: With the following; "javaws" and "Help! I have a mac/use OS X and when I start a battle the battle window stretches and I can't see my moves! What should I do!?!" you need to re-install Shoddy after you have made these changes for them to...
  18. Shoddy refuses to open

    Thanks bearzly, it worked. EDIT: Shoddy works, but the dimensions of the battle screen is screwed. It drags down my entire screen and I cannot select any moves and there are no submit and cancel buttons. I'll try and upload a screenshot but I don't know how to use photobucket... EDIT2: Found a...
  19. Shoddy refuses to open

    *Bump* I'm still having this problem. And if its any help, that code in the above post opens in text edit. Also, I have tried reinstalling Shoddy.
  20. Can you guys delete an old account?

    It means that someone else has registered the name "Styx" before you. If you still want the same name, you could put a . at the end of it? Or at the start? Whatever you feel like.