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  1. West

    Daily happenings in the Smogon Dystopia

    At this moment, for example, in 2020 (if it was 2020), Cookie was at war with Firebot and in alliance with Smogoff. In no public or private utterance was it ever admitted that the three powers had at any time been grouped along different lines. Actually, as Winston well knew, it was only four...
  2. West

    Metagame np: SS DOU Stage 1: When I Grow Up | Dynamax Banned

    Yeah, that's my bad with being careless about the math. I aimed for too much simplicity. A better setting would be allowing secondary options only for no-ban voters. But if the individual votes consists of ranks (which is the status quo), it's possible to conduct the two suspect votes at once...
  3. West

    Metagame np: SS DOU Stage 1: When I Grow Up | Dynamax Banned

    I don't know about the situation of DOU, but Instant Runoff may promote tactical voting which may unfairly change results-especially when the votes are visible. It is impossible to avoid tactical voting for the general case, but I think we can manage to do it in this case. How? For this vote...
  4. West

    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion (Usage stats in post #944)

    Ditto having a Tier designation feels so weird, even when I don't consider its use as a Dynamax check. Would it be against the spirit of defining tiers to allow Ditto to be used everywhere regardless of usage?
  5. West

    Resource Battle Stadium Damage Calculator Thread

    sent a PR (from my github account ulucs) for the Tapu (space in name) etc. bug :mad:
  6. West

    Data Official Smogon University Usage Statistics Discussion Thread, mk.3

    I have downloaded the data, but I have some questions about understanding and normalizing the data. (I'm currently reading ou-1850.json) I see 'usage', which sums up at 6. Does Garchomp's 12% usage imply it's in 12% of the teams? (weighted, of course) Garchomp's 'Moves', however, sums up at...
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    Minigiants 5IV/6IV Ditto Trade thread

  8. West

    Minigiants 5IV/6IV Ditto Trade thread

    sorry, I screwed up. My FC is 0319 1660 9766
  9. West

    Minigiants 5IV/6IV Ditto Trade thread

    I can't see you, have you added me?
  10. West

    Minigiants 5IV/6IV Ditto Trade thread

    Okay, I feel perplexed. Back to Bewear. I can also toss in a Turtonator/Ninetales if you want. My ID is West, FC 0619 5156 3912
  11. West

    Minigiants 5IV/6IV Ditto Trade thread

    Oh, I thought that tier two was the higher one. Sorry. Litten then. Added you
  12. West

    Minigiants 5IV/6IV Ditto Trade thread

    Bewear for a 6IV?
  13. West

    Contribute to Smogon's Facebook giveaways :: Apply within

    It looks like the first wave hits at 6PM for me, so I'd like to help.
  14. West

    West Side Cloning Services: The Doctor is [IN]

    Hello, this is a simple thread for a simple purpose: You send me a Pokemon, and I send you N>1 of it back. I use PKSM for these purposes, so it makes a quick job as it's only an app switch away. I'd appreciate keeping a copy, though it's not a hard requirement. So here goes!
  15. West

    Trade Thread by Threat Trader Threads

    You guys don't really need to give anything back, technically our contract was made before the concept change and our old terms apply to you YYYita you still need to post your FC for me to add you blaze and YYYita, I'll try to be online around midnight GMT+2 and we'll see if we can meet also...
  16. West

    Pokemart (go to 8th post for the good stuff)

    Slashari would you consider trading a Zapdos for a Love Ball Ralts? (5IVs, Female, Trace or Synchronize)
  17. West

    Trade Thread by Threat Trader Threads

    Concept change, hello
  18. West

    Twitilisk & Leontom's trading thread

    I'm posting since it's been an hour since the last reserved post, would you consider trading a Modest HA Charmander for a Timid/Modest Porygon? IVs are 31/x/31/31/31/31 ofc
  19. West

    Trade Thread by Threat Trader Threads

    Just realized I don't receive notifications when people post here =/ Added the first two posters, I'll add YYYita if you post your FC. Make sure to quote my posts to notify me you've posted
  20. West

    Battle Spot Triples

    I like this idea, but I'd personally pack something more durable than Greninja, seeing how it is both Fake Out bait and Blaziken being Talonflame bait (which Water Pledge takes cares of while outspeeding after a Speed Boost) while also being very fast. Empoleon might be a better idea with...