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  1. Bachy

    Signups Battle Stadium Premier League IX - Player Signups [CUSTOM AVATAR PRIZE] [Draft Date TBD)

    Bachy SV (can play any in a pinch) -7 all good
  2. Bachy

    Tournament BSS World Cup II - Week 3

    We got this! Vamos LATAM, a remontar!
  3. Bachy

    Tournament Asia vs World Tournmant - Playing Phase [Won by World]

    My boys winning as usual, i'm proud Vamos team world!
  4. Bachy

    Gen 2 Top 5 reasons why Lanturn + Piloswine can outclass Nidoqueen / Granbull / Scyther in GSC UU (you won't believe #4)

    Amazing team and great write up, this team is the reason im interested un GSC UU.
  5. Bachy

    Signups Asia vs. World Tournament - Signups & Rosters

    Bachy :tyke: México SV and Rock Paper Scissors thingy Yes Unavailable during mornings
  6. Bachy

    the CHOICE SPECS G-WEEZING renaissance (ladder peak #1 2040+)

    This is by far the coolest team Ive seen in OU this gen, truly a work of art. Congrats on getting #1! Well deserved!
  7. Bachy

    Resource SV BSS Viability Rankings (Regulation G)

    I dont think theres anything wrong with asking but before that remember that if something isnt ranked that doesnt mean it cant perform under the current metagame, but theres no enough usage to judge, a lot of talk about these underused mons are just theorycrafting, which is hard to put in a...
  8. Bachy

    BSS Battle Stadium Singles Masters V - Round 7 Losers Bracket

    this is some demonic shit
  9. Bachy

    BSS Battle Stadium Singles Masters V - Round 8

    LATAM dominating as per usual, love to see it
  10. Bachy

    Rules SV Battle Stadium Forum Rules & Simple Questions

    Hi Hi! Firstable, I really like your name LOL (if its a One Piece reference that is...). Dnite is interesting, looking at usage stats the most common tera options are Flying and Normal (from what I remember) which are used in offensive builds, so Dnite it is used offensively for the most part...
  11. Bachy

    BSS Battle Stadium Singles Masters V - Round 7 Losers Bracket

    Como es que banana ha llegado tan lejos? mi GOAT, la siguiente Wcup la va romper
  12. Bachy

    Battle Stadium Battle Stadium Singles 1800s Team: Including Crawdaunt, Fezandipiti and Decidueye-Hisui

    Yoooo this is one of the coolest teams Ive seen during all my time playing BSS, the Crawdaunt is super interesting and looks like it can disrupt a bunch of face-to-face teams, definitely has potential and the Decidueye... just demonic LMFAO. Great team, always rooting for you brother.
  13. Bachy

    Battle Stadium THE BEAST I WORSHIP - BSS Regulation E

    Truly disgusting. I love it! Great team as per usual fren :blobuwu:.
  14. Bachy

    Resource SV Battle Stadium Singles Team Bazaar

    S11 Bachy's Fake Big 6 ✿ pokepaste ✿ Hi guys today Im sharing the team Ive been using on Pokémon Showdown for the past month, peaked at 1500s (around top20) in one account and got two other accounts to 1400s with very few matches played, the goal was to reach top10 before the last week of...
  15. Bachy

    Resource SV BSS Viability Rankings (Regulation G)

    Brother, B Rank is perfectly fine.
  16. Bachy

    BSS Specially Defensive Ogerpon-Wellspring

    I strongly agreed Substitute should be slashed as its one of the most important moves for a offensive Wellspring. Substitute + Water Absorb + Ground Resist + Inmune to Leech Seed is what makes Wellspring such a treat again cycle base builds, being naturally speedy helps against fast disrupting...