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  1. Gacu

    Please contact Sagiri for your WCOPP game, ty.

    Please contact Sagiri for your WCOPP game, ty.
  2. Gacu

    OU ADV OverUsed Ladder Achievements

    Platinum Knowledge please and thank you :)
  3. Gacu

    OU ADV OverUsed Ladder Achievements

    Heard all the cool kids been doing this so claiming Platinum Brave, Gold Abilitiy and Gold Knowledge. Cheers!
  4. Gacu

    The #pokemon Tournament IV, ADV Edition - Round 1

    This is taking way too long, count me out.
  5. Gacu

    The #pokemon Tournament IV, ADV Edition - Round 1

    Won vs Jhonx in 2, ggs! I won with team 23 against team 20 T23 vs T20 I won with team 7 against team 10 T7 vs T10
  6. Gacu

    Gen 3 ADV Sand Veil

    I agree with this, SV+Sub is what gives multiple luck based chances for BS to the point it is statistically relevant; Gligar with Leftovers can set up 5-6 Subs (depending on the EV's and misses) + still can avoid 1 miss raw and steamroll slower teams or 1v1 as last mon like here so phazer is not...
  7. Gacu

    OU Set Dump, Team Dump, (and previously General Metagame Discussion)

    Hey ADV-ers! I wanted to share few creative sets i toyed around over last couple of months that gave me advantange in some game and are loads of fun to play with! I'll probably go into too much detail so bear with me :D SpDef No HP Venusaur (Gacusaur xd) Venusaur @ Leftovers Ability: Overgrow...
  8. Gacu

    The #pokemon Tournament IV - Pre-Round
  9. Gacu

    All Gens RoA Resources

    There's a mistake with ADV one that has GSC dex link there. Also i'd definetly include vapicuno's teambuilding guide, linears dump with pastable sets and various dumps like with ud's or zf's spl teams :)
  10. Gacu

    Resource ADV OU Teambuilding/Strategy: Archetypes and Cores -- A Data-Driven Approach

    Goaticuno! Edit: We could use a mention/and posibly analysis of Superman teams, maybe as a supbtype of TSS and some thoughts on the role of Wish/Tect Rachi over Bliss as a preffered special wall on majority of those. Idk if statistical analysis showed it but there are strong synergies and some...
  11. Gacu

    ADV ADV Summer Seasonal #1: Round 12 (Winners Finals)

    Go Sadly! and i guess Watchog to lesser extent...
  12. Gacu

    OU ADV OU Viability Ranking

    Can we please get this Camerupt talk deleted since it doesn't add on anything to VR's. Since this is primarily tool for new players to consult what mons define the tier and what does meta revolve around at the moment i don't believe 2 pages of "does this mon belong in D or C tier" is helpfull...
  13. Gacu

    ADV Cup V - Round 3

    Won in R2 vs Myzozoa 2:0. Apologies to tjdaas for inconveniences.
  14. Gacu

    ADV Cup V - Round 1

    Won in 2 vs pinktidal, ggs