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  1. Kj the Alola Champion

    Media Videogame Thread

    i love pokken , its really underrated imo Theres really no other fg out there with mechanics like it so i still play it from time to time. What fighting game have you worked on? Is it available to play anywhere?
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    Media Videogame Thread

    Dropped pokemon some time ago and replaced my obsession with this franchise with fighting games so i wanted to ask what fighting games do you guys play? which ones are you looking forward to play in the future and if you have a questions about fighting games ill gladly answer. right now im...
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    Serious Does anyone else suddenly think about their own mortality at random and get super fucking depressed because of it.

    6th grade to 9th grade i use to think about it alot and got really depressed because of it , it affected my grades and my parents started to notice but didn’t understand why i was being so sad and i didnt want to explain to them either. Thankfully i found some friends and i owe them the world...
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    Kilima's Workshop

    underrated sprite thread , you're good at this. could you make a bug catcher holding this flag please i liked the work you did for RahelGamer03
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    Whats ur name on showdown

    Whats ur name on showdown
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    Today anytime

    Today anytime
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    i should be free on the weekends , ill let u know when

    i should be free on the weekends , ill let u know when
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    Online Competition Ultra Final (Last PGL competition - get another Shiny Koko)

    Many people are having problems with it , i think the link on the website is broken. Try the link that serebii has , thats how i got mine
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    Shiny Pokemon Experiences

    After what seems likes forever this beauty was caught last night and i named it Allium. Literally the highlight of my shiny hunting career
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    ASVAB Military Test

    i am serious, dont know where you got the impression that im not. i respect people who work in healthcare so decided to choose that as a career path along with being a soldier
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    ASVAB Military Test

    well first off im joining as a medic of some sort so id be saving lives and second the military isnt the only thing id be doing , i plan to be a doctor and i like not paying for things so military is one of the best routes in life for that. also im a very patriotic person.
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    ASVAB Military Test

    thanks I did want to join the air force but the army recuiter got to me first and I just decided with them cause I don't see what so different. also theres like more than math that im worried about, the test has mechanics , of which I know absolutely nothing about , electronics , Autobody ...
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    Resource Ultra SM OU Bazaar

    Lmao thank you for telling me , ill fix it asap
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    ASVAB Military Test

    The ASVAB Stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery , From my understanding its a test that measures if your capable of handling certain jobs the military has. I plan to join the army on my 18 birthday and i want to score high for the job i want , which would be a combat medic or...
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    The "hi", therapeutic thread

    Hello From the USVI !
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    Resource Ultra SM OU Bazaar

    So ive been trying to make a psychic spam team with Mega gallade + lele ever since i saw it in the OU Cores thread and because i watched a documentary on Bonnie and Clyde so it reminded me of lele and gallade. ive only like now feel like the team is good enough to post here. (Click me) Why...