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  1. ajadanje

    Project PS NU Room Teambuilding Workshops [see post #183]

    Torterra. We don't have the threat of sneasel in the meta and it has many options.
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    Mismagius [QC:1/3]

    I used to think that sub np worked better with life orb, while sub cm worked better with lefties. I guess because np is about immediate damage output. Not that it really matters, but just something to think about. I'm not sure stallbreaker mag uses np in the second set. And stallbreaker likes...
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    Mr. Mime

    FWIW if you're saying that Mr. Mime's niche is Healing Wish then it's not really a niche since Mesprit has it as well, and you said it was the better scarfer.
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    Mr. Mime

    Cool set. I've never personally used Mr. Mime but I feel like from what I've seen, Technician gets decent usage, which is why I think you should add a set for it. On another note, the first set you listed could work scarfed, although the moves aren't particularly powerful. If you did choose to...
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    Tournament NUgget Bridge [Won by Disjunction]

    yea i'll try it
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    Lower Tier Cup - Signups

    ajadanje NU
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    Golurk (QC: 3/3) (GP: 2/2)

    yea but what i'm asking is, is there a benefit to running hp over speed on golurk? i'm well aware all of the sets are max speed, i'm just asking a question.
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    The only other steels in NU are klink, mawile, and maybe probo but I guess you could write it. Probo gets epower and can probably live HP ground so it's not gonna comfortably check probo. Also, probo gets volt and sometimes runs balloon, although the usage is | Air Balloon 7.104% | from NU 1630...
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    Golurk (QC: 3/3) (GP: 2/2)

    would there be any reason to run hp on any of the sets? i guess what i'm asking is, does having hp investment let it live anything relevant that would make it not worth just straight up outspeeding threats? Ninja Edit: my question is poorly worded. is does running hp return more benefit than...
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    eviolite isn't much different than either of the standard sets, you could just eat more hits. magnet pull only hits other magnets so it's kinda pointless
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    eastern, i'm free all day tomorrow, barring any unforeseen obligations

    eastern, i'm free all day tomorrow, barring any unforeseen obligations
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    Project NU Pokemon Matchmaking [Week 3: Aurorus]

    Garbodor with a SpD Seismitoad make for good teammates because Sneasel not only appreciates hazards but both mons cover Sneasel's key weaknesses. Depending on the opposing team you could have Garbodor set Toxic Spikes or have Seismitoad go for burns with scald. Alternatively you could use...
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    In the first set you didn't put any slashes for Knock Off or Heal Bell but it's mentioned in the moves section. Also, I'm assuming you put relaxed over bold for if it were running Knock Off, but even if it's not running that I think Uxie likes its speed and Knock Off/U-turn is more of a utility...
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    Seadra NU

    Yo, what's up, it's because it's either not used or it's not viable. You could try and ask to do a write-up, but in all honesty I doubt it'll be picked up or approved. Like, almost no one uses Seadra. Usage for Seadra? | Rank | Pokemon | Usage % | Raw | % | Real | % | | 224 | Seadra | 0.01782%...
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    Wouldn't Zap Plate be better? Like, unless you run Will-o-Wisp and Hex, Zap Plate may be better for using VoltBolt. Plus electric has more offensive functionality (bar ground types) as far as effectiveness. Although I guess you could make the argument that ghost has better neutral coverage.
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    You did mention using Signal Beam, and while it does hit Malamar and other dark types, I feel like the Pain Split is necessary. Rotom's bulk is abysmal and it needs a way to sustain itself beyond leftovers recovery.
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    NU Tauros

    I feel like Tauros can take any unboosted timid/jolly attack, and somewhat reliably revenge-kill. It's worked on more than one occasion for me. With the emergence of MegaDino, couldn't you run Iron Head over Fire Blast? Although you're left more susceptible to the grass and steel types you...